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Child abuse in Poland

Alien 13 | 3,053
11 May 2023 #61
That seems highly unlikely to happen in a Polish prison these days:

We'll see. If he dies before sentencing, he dies innocent.
Paulina 14 | 3,355
11 May 2023 #62
@Alien, "innocent"? What are you talking about? I've read that he already admitted that he's guilty.
Alien 13 | 3,053
11 May 2023 #63
innocent"? What are you talking about? I'v

Innocent in the eyes of the law.
Paulina 14 | 3,355
24 May 2023 #64
Many people came to Kamilek's funeral:

A wreath with inscription "We failed. We're sorry. Adults":

This is what Kamilek's grave looked like after the funeral:

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