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Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?!

monia 3 | 212
1 Sep 2013 #151
Can you delete that troll -

then cheat on the exam or just buy off

The proof of Polish women being cheaters :

Yeah , they did that to British professors form Cambridge too , because Polish female students won the first european contest in mathematics .Just scroll down the page and you will see country ranking .LOLs. Polish women are soooooo damn good .

Should be "Most Polish women are smart"
or "Most of the polish women are amart"

Oh, forgive me , my mother`s tonque is Polish . I communicate in Polish . All of you make mistakes although you are native English speakers . If you want to evaluate someone`s intelligence by second language proficiency , thats very intelligent of you . They have been doing this for years in the states . Go ahead do this .

It is still the reality in the US

Maybe it is time to stop using such primitive methods of retort ?

Landora - you really don`t know what you are talking about . You can write anything you want . It is just only a forum . You can even be a God here .

The question was not about the ranking of Rzeczpospolita . Why did you change the subject ? Oral exams have been taken at Polish universities for years not that long ago . So , stop lying that your parents were passing written exams at uni.

Maybe they became teenager parents with you ???

How can you judge the knowledge of the student from the rankings ? Such rankings are mainly concerned with facilities ? Is there a reliable measure of judging knowledge of an average student from law faculty of certain university ? If it exists tell me the source .

Are you going to degrade my knowledge by using rankings . Is that your wise and logical method , poor lady ?

Even when my parents studied many exams were written!

At law faculty ????? Prove it

And yes, people were cheating; it's not seen as something wrong by most people in Poland.

Inform us about the source of your barefaced lie .
1 Sep 2013 #152
your cousin didn't study 'at Cambridge' did she monia? it was 'in Cambridge' right? I suppose you get the difference>?
so stop shouting about "barefaced lies"
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,868
1 Sep 2013 #153
anyway cheating is culture in Poland, when I was teaching English to a matura class they showed me all kinds of stuff that was quite new to me as a normal non-cheating British person,

including writing info on the skin of the leg, writing info in tiny letters and inserting into a biro - actually it made me laugh - if they had put as much effort into studying as they did

into cheating,they could have passed easily.
this was just before the techno age - goodness knows what they get up to these days with mobiles etc!!
1 Sep 2013 #154
y friend`s daughter was admitted to Cambridge university course of psychology without any tests ,after just a conversation .

Very simply monia, you are lying, yet again. There is very simply no way that anybody is admitted to Cambridge after just a conversation.

You stated

Congratulations on joining the club of people who have caught monia lying.

I would like you to answer how you know that A levels are easier than Polish matura.

She doesn't want to answer that question because she knows sweet Fanny Adams about British A levels. I personally have taught both and can tell you that the matura is a lot easier.

You had only oral exams?

When I taught at Polish uni in the mid 1990s, the vast majority of exams were written (and cheated on by most students).

Which question would you like to ask me ? Regarding law - you are very welcome ,

I have a question about law: how sensible is it to commit criminal libel?
landora - | 199
1 Sep 2013 #155
Where did I say I or my parents studied law?
Nowhere, because we didn't - we all studied a branch of science at UAM. Majority of exams were written.
No, my parents were not teenagers when they had me, but what does it matter anyway?

You know exactly that it's true, cheating is ingrained in our culture. I know that because I'm Polish, I went to school here m I studied here. Why are you pretending otherwise?

Have a look at the posts from WPiA UAM forum:

I wonder why those students are discussing cheating if NO ONE cheats in Poland. :D And if these are the students from one of the best unis in the country, then I don't want to know how the ones from worse schools behave...

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