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Where Can I Buy Mothballs in Poland?

The Wanderer
9 Jan 2017 #1
I have been to several hypermarkets and a pharmacy but I don't see mothballs anywhere, just little packets of something else to hang in closets. I suspect the problem may be that they are not sold due to concerns about children eating them and poisoning themselves. I am specifically looking for dichlorobenzene (AKA para-dichlorobenzene, p-dichlorobenzene, pDCB, or PDB, which is also used in urinal cake) rather than naphthalene balls. Can someone please suggest where I can find this?

Please help keep my stored clothes free of moths and mold!

10 Jan 2017 #2
There are many different products and while in shop ask for "środek przeciw molom'
OP The Wanderer
10 Jan 2017 #3
Yes, there are many different products for sale in the shops, but none of them are moth balls. What is for sale is little packages for hanging in the closest, or sprays. I suspect that there is a product liability issue which explains why old-fashioned moth balls aren't easy to find. They must be for sale somewhere. Maybe a janitorial supply wholesaler has them?
jon357 67 | 16,848
23 Apr 2017 #4
but none of them are moth balls

Traditional camphor mothballs are (or used to be) illegal. Maybe this has changed recently, maybe not. There used to be a shop on Mokotowska that sold them (and bought them wholesale from me) however it's gone now. Your best bet is to get them from Amazon.

There are anti-moth products on sale however they may not be the type you want.
terri 1 | 1,665
24 Apr 2017 #5
I had the same trouble with moths for years. They ate my best things in the wardrobe and even made a home in my best rug on the floor. All had to be thrown away and everything fumigated. I used bleach to clean everywhere in the wardrobes. My advice is to go to a 'sklep zielarski' (herbal shop) where they sell alternative products. The best product I found is vanilla sticks - they are expensive. You cut them up into little pieces and leave the pieces in a small container. You can add some orange/lemon peel - straight from the orange. Some qualified herbal person will be able to advise you. The best thing is that these products do not smell.

I have seen the old-fashioned moth balls sold in Castorama and similar shops. That's where I used to buy them about 2-3 years ago. Now I have my herbal remedies and no moths.

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