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UK British TV in Poland for free

2 Oct 2014 #1
Hello from Lodz
Still unemployed after a year :( Apartment may collapse any day now but on the bright side you can get free UK TV online 100% free. All the channels and more (I don't work for them just sharing) No need to setup complicated proxy extra.

"filmon dot com" gives you all the UK channels for free online, no need to sign up

You can also get the apps and watch it on your ipod,blackberry and Android or PC or just watch from the website.
No malware or viruses or some scam.

If you have a Roku device connected to your TV or Ipush you can watch it all on your TV free as long as you have internet.

Of course HD is a pay subscription and some channels are pay too but over all 100s free channels and all the freeview in the UK.


PS. RTE player now available in Poland over the internet

RTE in Ireland now appear to be allowing EU access to their version of iplayer and up until a few days ago they were geo-blocked only to Ireland.

So to Irish expats in Poland you can now catchup on your favourite programmes
Gdyniaguy14 - | 22
2 Oct 2014 #2

apart from filmon which blocks some uk programs (football matches, sports events) their is also an option to use the Zenmate add-on to google chrome. Just download chrome, search for zenmate addon and downland it and it will automatically install and a little zenmate icon will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen. Open this and connect to the uk and you can watch uk tv on all the iplayers ITVplayer BBCiplayer and 4OD for free.

hope this helps.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
2 Oct 2014 #3
Still unemployed after a year :(

I hope you find something soon. I know it's pants money, but maybe try a little conversational teaching. Market's saturated here it seems, but maybe better luck there?


One of the addons I tried last year was flagged up as having malware present, and took 2 programs to get rid.
jon357 67 | 16,836
2 Oct 2014 #4
Of course HD is a pay subscription

Sort of. I subscribe and am not sure if it's really HD or not - it doesn't seem to make much difference and I think there are various subscription types. In any case, we only watch TV news from another European country that my other half is from plus the Great British Bake Off. The European Package or whatever it's called is quite cheap, maybe a fiver or so a month (and you can do it on a month by month basis) but the real benefit of that is that it gets rid of those annoying adverts. BTW, FilmOn works 100 times better on an ipad.

filmon which blocks some uk programs

If you google the name of the football match and 'stream' you can usually find something. TheMyP2P forum is good for streams, but you do need the forum (which moved addresses) not the website.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
2 Oct 2014 #5


Not watching mind until Forest start winning again :(

Filmon is the **** :)
25 Dec 2014 #6
Bavaria Satellites have an IP based service that costs just 10quid more than Film ons offerings, but the reliabillity is 1000% better and has the complete freesat platform on offer... Plus 4 Irish Channels....

Send me a mail.....afnguytoo@gmail

This is a fantastic service with a set top box and remote!! Its a "No faff" solution.

4 Sep 2017 #7
Try this, it works perfectly iptvamigo

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