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Poland - what is your brand?

Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #1
What is your brand, Polak? BMW? Mercedes Benz? Rolex?

No, it's cleaning toilets for people in the West.

I read in the British newspapers and they're tired of the Polak and urgently want to return the Polak to Poland.

Tak tak.

Germany has a brand.
Italy has a brand.
France has a brand.
Switzerland has a brand.

What is the Polish brand?

Tak tak.
Wulkan - | 3,249
30 Oct 2016 #2
Is this how they tease you in the US after they find out your mother is a "Polak"? No wonder it messed with your head.
30 Oct 2016 #3
How about kielbasa or golabki?
OP Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #4
No one gets along with Poles. The Polish brand is fighting and dishonesty.

It doesn't sell very well outside Poland.

Holy Mother Mary please bless Poland.
mafketis 24 | 9,174
30 Oct 2016 #5
No one gets along with Poles

No one = four more than get along with you....
OP Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #6
Germany has Porsche and Mercedes.
Italy has Ferrari.
Switzerland has Rolex
England has Jaguar.

The Polish brand? Poland exports workers to clean toilets and scrub the floors of other nations.

Holy Mary bless the Polish people.
Crow 146 | 9,152
30 Oct 2016 #7
you are drank dobri brate pane Albany NY. As a Serbian i feel only love by Poles. From people of all layers of Polish society. From intelligentsia, ordinary people, forum members, to the football fans. Serbian anthem is the only non-Polish anthem ever saluted and even sang by Polish sport fans (spot: ). In every opportunity Polish football fans underline how is Kosovo Serbian. In Bosnia, Polish football fans beaten Bosnian Muslim fans and s*** them with exclamations: ``This is Serbia! Serbia! Serbia!``

Poles are best people in the world. You who criticize Poles are all crazy. Plus boring.
OP Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #8
Poles brag about their education and culture only to eagerly leave Poland to scrub toilets.

Sounds pretty educated to me.

Holy Mary bless the Polish people.
Crow 146 | 9,152
30 Oct 2016 #9
Toilets? What does it matter. Its crisis man. Toilets would tomorrow belong to English or German.
mafketis 24 | 9,174
30 Oct 2016 #10

I think somebody needs a hug!

(((((((Albany NY))))))))

better now?
OP Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #11
Polaks keep bragging how smart they are and how wonderful they are so what is the Polish export brand?

Drunk violent men and women scrubbing toilets of middle class Westerns?

The Polak is very smart, in his own imagination.

The exporting brand of Poland is unique. It's cleaning toilets of middle class Westerners.

Tak tak.

Poland, with such a highly educated population runs not walks to the West to clean toilets.

Is true or false?

Answer tak tak.

Polak brand? This is an excellent discussion.

Poles are known for working very very hard. The Pole is tough and strong. Poland has one of the best educational systems in the world, and the Polak ranks very high.

Tak tak.

The Polak brand is clear and unequivocal: Polak exports educated men and women to clean toilets. When the West has a bowel movement, the Polak is there to gladly clean it up.

Tak tak.

The brand name could be "Exporting Toilet Cleaners". All foreigners will immediately recognise that brand as exclusively Polish.

Tak tak.
Ironside 50 | 10,933
30 Oct 2016 #12
The brand name could be "Exporting Toilet Cleaners

That is pathetic you cannot even came up with a brand name. You are truly an authentic dimwit and a looser. Can you even find a toiled and do you know who to use it without a map and an instruction, do you even have one - I honestly doubt it. "The best toilet Cleaners in the World" that is a good brand name. All turds beware of the Polish toiled cleaners!

What are you waiting for Alby? Shoo, you're stinking this forum.
Czeslaw #1
30 Oct 2016 #13
I think he is trying to say the Polish people are good at cleaning toilets.

Why do Americans and British think we are only good at cleaning toilets. We are at drinking and fighting too!

Just watch KSW.

Polish excel at more than just cleaning toilets. Be realistic.

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