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gregy741 5 | 1230
22 May 2015 #1
Any boxing fans here? What do you take on Fonfara? Future Polish champion?

any chance of him getting one of champion belt any soon?hes poised to fight stevenson again,tho i dont see how much different he can do..i mean adonis beat him fair and square last time..and kovalev option to get belt is even worse.

any thoughts?
Looker - | 1129
7 Jun 2015 #2
My thoughts are similar. Fonfara is a great warrior, and have pretty decent skills, good physical conditions, chin, and big power in hands, but I'm afraid if he meet with Kovalev he will lose (after a good battle - as it was against Stevenson). However he has his chances when boxing with WBA Champion - Jurgen Brahmer - here is the best possibility to win the belt. Although Fonfara doesn't pick easy fights - he wants the greatest challenges, and I wish him luck!
Wroclaw Boy
7 Jun 2015 #3
Post up a decent fight and let me take a look at this guy.
Looker - | 1129
7 Jun 2015 #4
Check his last fight against Chavez Jr and the battle with Stevenson at least.
Wroclaw Boy
7 Jun 2015 #5
Just had a quick look, he's quite slow, not much head movement, a bit frankenstein like just kinda stood up straight plodding along. Not impressed. Probably end up as a durable test fighter / sparring partner for the real talent.

Watched a few clips of this fight and saw the Chavez left hook knock down.
OP gregy741 5 | 1230
11 Jul 2015 #6
i am waiting for Fonfara next fight,against british,Nathan Cleverly-former LHW world champion..should be good scrap.Cleverly will be bookies favorite but i cant see him winning this...Fonfara will batter him senseless.

ehh...polish pro boxing is as poor as ever before.only few world class guys left,so hope Fonfara keep winning.
23 Jan 2018 #7
So now Adam Kownacki is the popular boxer in Poland; could he be the next (but the winning) Golota? Probably :)
Looker - | 1129
24 Jan 2018 #8
He is too fat and prone to big bombs ;)
7 Feb 2018 #9
LMAO there's a british boxer too? or you mean like underwear fruit of the loom? im not so sure but there would be poop touched underwear like that ;)
Slavictor 6 | 193
11 Apr 2018 #10
I keep fairly recent with boxing. Of the few fights I remember, Golota kept forgetting that the objective is to hit opponents above the belt line. Tomasz Adamek had a good run. Wasn't a fan of his style though. Artur Szpilka, haven't heard much from him lately. He went to to toe with Wilder but was outgunned.

Krzysztof Glowacki is laying low after a loss, but he KO'd Marco Huck (which I enjoyed seeing) in a match a few years ago.

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