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Poland's birthrate on the decline

Novichok 2 | 7,564
29 Aug 2022 #241
How is their feeling about being alive explain why we still have orphans?

Like accidents, it happens.
They need things. Things cost money. So let's kill them before they are registered. Is that the conclusion?
JakubBlasz - | 3
30 Aug 2022 #242
Poland is not the only country with declining population especially in Eastern Europe.
Why is that ?
When Poland was poor after world war 2 the birth rate was much stronger !
I guess the reason is not only about money

We are becoming ( in Europe) perhaps more lazy and want good things in life .
It is good i guess.

But we do not see the future problems we will have without kids.
Who will take care of the elderly ? Who will pay the retirement ? Who will protect the country against invaders ?
For a country to have a future we need lot of kids at least 2 by family.
Novichok 2 | 7,564
30 Aug 2022 #243
and want good things in life.

A new BMW vs a kid? Easy choice. A BWM will never get pregnant, be on drugs, or tell you that you are stupid 15 years after purchase.
OP johnny reb 36 | 7,578
30 Aug 2022 #244
perhaps more lazy and want good things in life .

SELFISH is the word you are looking for.
It's all about me, I, me today.
Lyzko 36 | 8,447
30 Aug 2022 #245
People nowadays are much more concerned with job security as well as retirement possibilities than was the case years ago!

Instead of castigating those who which to hold off on having children, perhaps ask why this trend came about in the first place. Easy to say, "Oh, go forth and multiply!" etc. ad nauseum, but who's going to be responsible for those children should they become ill and require medical attention??

When we decided to have children, we were only able to do so as both my wife and I were working. As things grew more stable for me, she was able to stay at home and tend to raising the children, yet we are still the ONLY ones among our circle of friends who made the decision to do so.

Had I relied solely on my tenured position, it would have been next to impossible. In certain countries, parents automatically receive an advance which enables income-strapped families to facilitate their child rearing.

In the US, such is confined principally to Third-World immigrants or political refugees and their families.

The days of "Leave it to Beaver" are sadly long over, ne're likely to return any time soon.
Novichok 2 | 7,564
1 Sep 2022 #246
It's actually very simple. Globalization means well-paying factory jobs out, cheap immigrant labor in = collapsing wages = two have to work to support the family = fewer kids = more immigrants "because we don't have enough people".

And the circle is closed. In engineering, it's known as positive feedback - a phenomenon good only if one is trying to detonate a nuclear device.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,816
1 Sep 2022 #247
Globalization means

Look genius. Maybe you didn't notice but we are in the era that marks beging of the end of the time of globalization.
Kashub1410 4 | 456
1 Sep 2022 #248
Wars, or fears of war tend to push for protectionist policies
OP johnny reb 36 | 7,578
18 Sep 2022 #249
SELFISH is the word you are looking for.
It's all about me, I, me today.

The childless by choice movement in Poland has taken thirty somethings by storm and is now trickling down to women in their 20s, single or otherwise, as soon as they see their life as a possession that children destroy.

I can't even count the number of articles I've seen on this topic of basic reasons why women are confident they'll never want kids, with the grand conclusion that her personal happiness is most important and that children put that happiness in dire danger.

Take the Polish girls here on this forum alone that are childless.

At least women are aware these days of how selfish they are and avoid cheating a child out of a fulfilled life.
Kashub1410 4 | 456
19 Sep 2022 #250
@johnny reb

It's a horrible mentality, thankfully any women not wanting kids automatically has No chance at a proper relationship with me. So for myself I am not that much concerned.

How it will affect society however and the smaller pool of options for my future kids however is worrying.

My sons wouldn't be interested in 30-50 age group of childless wanting women for sure and my daughters would for sure be found proper men that wouldn't only take care of her needs, but that also of the families needs.

Anything less would be unacceptable, thankfully there are more and more men taking more care of themselves and uptying the antie.

Women however... Have a hard time seeing any of my future sons get married to say the least. Not much to choose from in that respect
Lenka 3 | 2,856
19 Sep 2022 #251
Lets hope you won't have to face the facr that your sons and daughters may have different opinion. If you will have them.
GefreiterKania 15 | 1,690
19 Sep 2022 #252
women not wanting kids

Remember - do NOT correct nature, Grunni. If some women don't want to have children, that means nature doesn't want them to multiply (and listening to some childless women I can imagine why nature doesn't want them to multiply :D). Don't force them. Don't reason with them. Nature doesn't want their genes to multiply (maybe it's a question of certain illnesses in future generations, maybe something else - nature knows the best).
Kashub1410 4 | 456
19 Sep 2022 #253
I would been surprised if they wouldn't have different opinion then mine. However I would be very open about what I expect from them, just as they will be with me. I do not expect you to understand that however Lenka. It's a different family dynamic at my family. Your fears doesn't concern that of my family.

Ladonna mobile, my mom didn't want to have kids at age of 26. Somehow she changed her mind upon meeting a very tall blond playing guitar fella ;)

Certain things aren't set in stone. Those who don't want contact with me simply won't contact me nor my children. It's a very problem free approach really
GefreiterKania 15 | 1,690
19 Sep 2022 #254
Somehow she changed her mind

So, eventually she wanted children. I am talking about so-called stare panny 35+ - who never wanted and won't have children. In their case it was the nature acting, and it's for the greater good of humanity that they never multiplied.
Kashub1410 4 | 456
19 Sep 2022 #255
Who in their right mind would want children with stare panny dear Torqi

35+ is too old for me anyways. I date 18-26 preferably
GefreiterKania 15 | 1,690
19 Sep 2022 #256
Well, you know the old rule - your age divided by two, plus seven. :)
Kashub1410 4 | 456
19 Sep 2022 #257
Why would I bother about that when women are messaging to meet up

My concern is wether or not she would be too attached to me

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