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Poland's birthrate on the decline

GefreiterKania 25 | 1,187
24 Jan 2023 #361
Tradwives in Poland...,452ad802

"- W dzisiejszych czasach kobiety pracują na trzy etaty. Nie mówię, że wszystkie nagle mają odejść z pracy, ale uważam, że powinno się zreformować nasz system podatkowy, tak aby te, które chcą, mogły zostać w domu. Gdyby przejęły funkcje żłobków czy przedszkoli, zostałoby w systemie mnóstwo pieniędzy."

Transl.: Today women work three full-time jobs. I'm not saying that they should all quit their jobs, but I think that our system should be reformed in a way that would allow those who would like to stay at home to do so. If they took over the role of nurseries and playschools, there would be a lot of money left in the system.

Ha! Looks like Tradwife movement reached Poland. :) Fair play to lovely Wiktoria, Kasia, Magdalena, Poliksena and others. Fingers crossed for more women to see the light of genuine Christianity in marriage. However, I still think the system should accommodate those women who cannot afford to quit their jobs and make it easier for them too.

Go Tradwives!!!
Kashub1410 5 | 517
24 Jan 2023 #362
It would be a welcoming change to have women wanting and being able to stay at home, take care of the house, kids, cook, bake, invite her friends and their kids over for tea and biscuits while talking about the newest information.

Diametrically better then slaving off to some corporation that wouldn't give a rats ass about women that worsen their lives as much as possible and exploit them, just for the sake money.

It might come as surprising but I find most women to be abhorantly capitalistic, only pretending to want to share anything as not to "look" bad.

It's a farce!
GefreiterKania 25 | 1,187
24 Jan 2023 #363
Diametrically better then slaving off to some corporation

I know, Grunni. You don't have to preach to the converted ;)

I find most women to be abhorantly capitalistic

Which is not a bad thing - they have to think about material stuff to create safe environment and good chances for their children. You remember the old Madonna's song...

... smart girls! :) *thumbs up*
Kashub1410 5 | 517
24 Jan 2023 #364
I ain't preaching, just stating my opinions in frustration over the situation in the world! :(((

Life could been so much better!!! :(

Don't need to tell me about it, a women is in her right to take care and mind what's in need to have a good and safe home for her and future children.
Lenka 3 | 3,076
24 Jan 2023 #365
Diametrically better then slaving off to some corporation

You are more than welcome to stay at home :)
Paulina 13 | 3,325
24 Jan 2023 #366
most women to be abhorantly capitalistic

women is in her right to take care and mind what's in need to have a good and safe home for her and future children.

Make up your mind, because you're contradicting yourself.

It's also funny that Pol-Am misogynists on this forum accuse women of being more likely to have a socialist mindset than men. So, again - make up your minds lol

I honestly have enough of this bullsh1t. I guess it may be pretty shocking for you, men, but women aren't really that much different from you. We're all human beings. And men aren't any less capitalistic than women. After all, they invented capitalism, they are the owners and the heads of those big corpos that are exploiting people around the world, they prefer to make careers and make money rather than take care of their own children and spend time with them.

Women aren't romantic. At all. There's not an ounce of romanticism in most women.

Those two sentences show how little you know about women or how prejudiced you are. It's pretty shocking and mindblowing really... Unless you're joking?

One very often sees men "marrying down"; women - not so much.

Men often claim that on the internet, but so far I haven't seen that being confirmed in real life. What I most often see in reality is people marrying others from their social circles - they're simply marrying their peers. Both men marrying down and women marrying up seem to be more of outliers rather than a rule.

And it's not like women aren't marrying down or being in relationships with men "lower on the social ladder". At some point Lady Gaga was engaged to Taylor Kinney, a minor starlet that I know of only because I happened to watch TV series where we had a minor role. Kinney is hot and Lady Gaga... well, let's be honest, she isn't a beauty. If she was an ordinary woman he probably wouldn't even notice her, but she's a superstar, so... Another example - Madonna, who's 64, keeps dating 20-something models. Britney Spears, who's 41, is married to Sam Asghari, a dancer from Iran, who's 28. You know what all those men have in common? They're all hot, often much younger too and much lower on the social ladder than those superstar women.

And it's not only celebrities. I've read once a blog of a Polish woman who married an Egyptian bartender whom she met when he was working at a hotel in which she stayed during her holidays in Egypt (she was living in a house on her own in Poland, so I'm guessing she wasn't poor). She fell in love with him. She wrote that once she managed to bring him to Poland, she wouldn't let him out of her bed. So I'm guessing he was hot too :)))
Paulina 13 | 3,325
24 Jan 2023 #367
we had a minor role.

*"he", not "we", sorry
Paulina 13 | 3,325
24 Jan 2023 #368
If a man likes a girl, he doesn't care about her education or material status.

Yes, a man like that cares mainly about her looks :))) Sorry, but it's often not "romantic", but simply superficial. He doesn't necessarily like the girl, but her body. I have an impression that men often mistake physical/sexual attraction with falling in love and they get blinded by their desire. And then they get disappointed, because she turned out to be a b1tch or a gold-digger.
Kashub1410 5 | 517
25 Jan 2023 #369
Male expectations and needs are not the same as with a female, humans, animals alike. We even need different food, so no. By not having a house or a job I might as well shoot myself, and that's not an option for me...

No I am not, there are many different kinds of women and those who are stubbornly passionate to copy-cat men and live a "man like lifestyle" are ruling the waves of opinions in the west to societies downfall.

A womens need for materials and ressources being insanely driven to the extremes turns capitalistic, while men's need to ensure a healthy women that can deliver a healthy child taken to the extremes wants to visit strippers and pay for it (which is also abhorant mind you)

Peoples lack of such awareness leads to downfall of western society piece by piece, one only has to look at the marriage ratings, people think it's exchangeable like gloves while in reality it's a sacred and holy commitment.

I will not be silent or stand idle as more children in this world grow up without the best prospects, simply because somebody feels "oppressed " toot hoot. Grow up
pawian 200 | 21,490
1 day ago #370
Welcome to PiS hypocrites` Poland. Here is a new scandal made by PiS which is just another brick in the wall discouraging women from having children.

Can you imagine that PIS` National Health Fund demands that doctors all over Poland return money for substitute milk for which they wrote prescriptions for children from the wrong age group? Milk was supposed to be for babies up to 18 months of age, and sometimes doctors also prescribed it for older children. One female doctor has to reimburse 160.000 PLN !

Comment under the article:

The last sentence is crucial: embryo, fetus, valid until birth. Then whether a sick child, a disabled child, or a child with special needs - even dietary ones - prolifers or their gov do not care about such kids.

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