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Who's the best looking (and acting/singing) celebrity in Poland?

Lenka 3 | 1,980
27 Jun 2020 #31
Is her type rare in Poland?

No. Although of course she puts a lot more work into her looks then an average girl.

I can't believe I discuss Doda and on PF of all places...:)
I must be losing my mind because of all that voting silence
30 Jun 2020 #32
Not in Poland but they're more Polish than Plastic Poles. Dominika & Ludwiga Paleta we're actually born in Krakow. They are Mexican actresses from telenovelas. I think Dominika was probably around 10 when they moved to Mexico (their singer father got a job there) so she definitely remembers life in the PRL.

It seems Central and Eastern European women have good luck in Latin America as I can think of Romanian Juana Benedeck, Croatian Gabriela Spanic and Natasha Klaus that has Latvian roots from her father's side.

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