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Babies/Children/Child - of Poland or related to Poland in any way

Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
26 Nov 2010 #1
Hej ... =) is there anything more lovely for a father or a mother then holding their own baby right in their hands? ... I dont think anything would compare it.

Children, no matter of what race or ethnicity or color or gender ... are simply adorable! Innocence reflects from their eyes with such a beautiful spark!

Do you have a child and have anything to do with Poland? You can be Polish, or have a Polish spouse, or have someone in your family who was a Pole! ... Or you are a Polish expatriate? Or maybe you trace yourself to Poland? Or maybe are you are a native of somewhere else but now staying in Poland??? ...

If any of the above question/statement is true for you, and you have a baby/child or children ... can you share the pic or slide show or video or even a sketch of that adorable being to fill blessings in this holiday season in PF? =)

Any pic, sketch, video or even your description of the baby (with detail). The baby can be yourse of it can even be a baby you know and adore! It can be a friend's or a family member's baby too =) ... share so that we can see and be blessed and charmed =).

Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
26 Nov 2010 #2
i don't think it's going to happen, lodz

strange thread!
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
27 Nov 2010 #3
i don't think it's going to happen

Probably ... I thought the same. Still, I felt it was a healthy topic to introduce in the festive moments ... to introduce some form of innocence!

But I guess ...
nyx 1 | 10
12 Jan 2011 #4
why on earth would you want to see pics of my kid??

Oh the sick people of this world!
hairball 20 | 313
12 Jan 2011 #5
This is Wiesiu... my pride and joy....

  • laughing boy
Nickidewbear 23 | 584
2 Jul 2012 #6
Left to right: Me, my sister

My twin and me as babies.

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