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What Polish people think about the Italian and Spanish men?

MarciQM 1 | 5
6 Aug 2007 #1
Hello Polish forum users,

I am a exchange stundent right now in Uk, and I would like to ask you the question I mention before, the reason is, I am in class with several people of several countries and among them, few vry nice polish girls

I am half italian half english (living most of my years in italy, and looking more italian that english) and I found very dificult to get into contact with the polish girls, talking about it with a friend of mine, he is from Barcelona, Spain, mention the same, that somethign stand in the head of those girls that avoid him to get closer to them, and he is really in love with one of them

so, could anybody please reply me ??, thansk very much
6 Aug 2007 #2
I dont think so that ur nationality has some meaning! Maybe ure just stupid or ugly o.O
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
6 Aug 2007 #3
Im not sure if you're trying to be amusing or not, but what you just said was quite horrible.
slwkk 2 | 228
6 Aug 2007 #4
I think that she didn't mean that... she just wanted to say that nationality has nothing to do with personality, but her English isn't perfect yet (just like mine) :>
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
6 Aug 2007 #5
I think her English is just fine and implying that a girl isnt interested because someone is possibly stupid or ugly isnt very nice.
OP MarciQM 1 | 5
6 Aug 2007 #6
I do not spect to be xpecially handsome, but not so ugly neither, I does not go so bad with another girls

my friend really try to get one of them, as i say, he is in love whit her, but my relationship with them is only looking for some good friendship, I had before relathioship with exchange students and it is very hard when the year ends, so, at least somebody really impact me, I am not looking for anything too far

my question is more about what the general people think in poland about us, I know for example that we do not consider french girls so "clean", even I have few friends in france and they do not show up the topic, most of the people in my country think that

before I meet polish people I trend to think that they are good workers but not able to be bosses, that they are not able to get responabilities. And about the girls, that they are "no so dificult" but very tradicional and quite conservative (pleass, this is what the topic say, I am not agree with taht, I do not try to insult or be critic, but if a polish person whould come to study/work in italy, this is the barrier he will found)

in this meaning i ask, i do not have idea what the people think about us, the west-south european mans

thansk very much for the replies
6 Aug 2007 #7
He is abvioulsy stupid if he thinks that for people its important where is he from and that it can be a reason why polish girls like him or not.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
6 Aug 2007 #8
After reading his last post, I think I have to agree with you honey - as for the comment about French girls pff!
6 Aug 2007 #9
ah, its just my instinct, felt it after his first sentence ;)
OP MarciQM 1 | 5
6 Aug 2007 #10
sorry if I disturb you, but say me if you do not have this kind of topic in your country

If I am mistake please say me

Amathyst, please do not missunderstand me, my english is no so good and I may not express what I realy want to mean

the comment about the french girls, as the comments about polish people, are the "topics you can hear from other people", I know that in case of the french people, those kind of topics are made much bigger due to the rivality that we have as a neighbords

the same i know that not all people in poland drink vodka, or there are no bears in the cities. I know also that west eourpe was shown as the "capitalist of the blood" in poland several years ago (one of the girls in my class say me), but this way of thinkins fortunatly is changing

I was couple of years ago in a trip to poland, I visit krakow, and warsawa, and i have to say that I really like this two cities, again, I was in a programed trip, from one musseum, to another, from one monument to another, so i did not have so much contact with the local people, but i would say that you are a nice people (specially after know the polish collageas in my class, and with the guys I do not have any problem, we go to party togheter, and we laugh a lot of)
southern 74 | 7,074
6 Aug 2007 #11
Mediterranean looks are popular all over Europe.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
6 Aug 2007 #12
Not quite true.

Here is a generalisation - English women think that Italians are slimey and sleezy and a bit greasy looking :D
southern 74 | 7,074
6 Aug 2007 #13
Not quite true.

I mean the good looking men with mediterranean looks.They are popular indeed.Even nordics etc admit it.
OP MarciQM 1 | 5
7 Aug 2007 #14
It is maybe a south-European way of living, but the common of the poeple (expecially years ago, when travel arround europe wasn't so popular), we tren to create topics about the diferent nathionalities, as I put some examples before

and also as I say before, after travel a little arround europe, I was able to see how most of this topics are not truth (at least in big scale), but it was enough that one person from whatever country comes to Italy, to create the topic about them

probably is also influence by political reason, and media (newspapers, tv) are specialist in give a deformed image of expecially the "other way of thinking" countries

I would be very glad if you can confirm me that in Poland (I am not sure if I could generalizate withother east countries) you do not make this "way of describing other nathilonalities on topics"

Amathyst, as you mention, I am half englih by genes, but all my life in Italy (my mother comes with his parents to Italy when she was 3 years old, and they almost always speak in Italian to help her to learnt fast. I only remember my grandparent speaking in english when they discuss, so it is not a easy languaje for me)

thanks again for your tiem
randompal 7 | 306
7 Aug 2007 #15
Polish girls think that Spanish and Italian men are just playboys or playboy wanna-bes looking for a quick lay, if you want a brief analysis of conventional wisdoms and stereotypes. And Polish men think that Spanish and Italian men come here to steal our girls...
OP MarciQM 1 | 5
7 Aug 2007 #16
thanks randompal,

so, in that way, would you think that a polish girl will avoid to come closer to a italian guy becouse he is italian ?
Tran Anh 2 | 72
7 Aug 2007 #17
Possibly, those girls you mention are psychologically complicated (which are perfectly normal for young educated Poles now and in the past). And its combination with Polishness make things nearly impossible for non-Polish men to approach (to be a popular stereotype 'Latin lover' without being devastatingly handsome is even more a barrier than a bonus). Trust me, Poles used to adore all things Italians (you will see it all around literatures, architecture and music). But the feelings are increasingly lukewarm due to the fact that the Poles sense their feeling unreciprocated (Italians prefer Russians, and Red ones at that!), and the Polish identity of martyrdom, of tragic suffering (I am quite exxagerating here, sorry) which stand in strong constrast with the 'bon vivant' attitude of male citizens of luckier countries (especially Italy).

If you are one of the 'bon vivant' type as I suspect you to be (which to me are perfectly sound and righteous according to your own circumstances), your chance of an exhilarating relationship with a nice Polish female can only improve if you can 'transcend' both your stereotype and her stereotype. Be Rigidly and 'intransigently' truthful, be empathetic (you know even how strong and beautiful she is, she suffers greatly from bad-image identity), be appreciative of Polish arts and thoughts (which, trust me again, enrichs your life times and times over) and finally, be adamantly masculine! The ideal combination of those is the very key for her heart.

I apologize for my assumption.
Good luck.
southern 74 | 7,074
7 Aug 2007 #18
Polish girls think that Spanish and Italian men are just playboys or playboy wanna-bes looking for a quick lay,

True.I heard this many times.Maybe italian men did not marry many polish girls but had a lot of affairs.Or this mafioso look,anyway italians have a bad reputation among polish girls.
OP MarciQM 1 | 5
13 Aug 2007 #19
thanks Tran Anh ::
in my case, as I mention before, I am not luking for nothing deep becouse the after-semester-end trend to be difucult and painfull for both sides. But I will love to have a good friedship that will allow me to visit them and offer my house to stay whenever they come to Italy.

I think that then is possible the barrier, maybe as you mention, if there is not a full involment in a serios relation, they think I try to lay down and go away (truthly I am a man, and I would love to, but it is not my main priority, I prefer a frienship), so then the lack of confidence in us (as italians)

it is really surprise me how diferent cna be the attutude to the sex with just couple of thousand of km of distance

I think that my spanish friend have a hardest job if want to come into the polish-heart..., but most possible is worth the trying
Eurola 4 | 1,902
25 Aug 2007 #20
Well, I don't know how it works in Europe, but in the US polish-italian dating and marriage are strong as ever. I can't even count how many I know.
bambino7 2 | 15
2 Mar 2009 #21
c'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you call youself Italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget about the Spanish guy... sorry Catalunyan guy!!! They say they are not Spanish!!!! What happened to your Italian genes!!! Are they dead?????

Ok, this is what a Mexican guy, like me, would do... get your ass up that chair and go straight to your Polish class mates! Stand in front of them, with confidence, you are the man! You walked all the way along the class room to talk to them so stand there with a natural posture. Look at them into their eyes, smile, and start talking: Hi! How are you today? How was the exam, coursework, tutorial, etc.? Do you like the Uni here? THe lectures? The system? Etc. There are so many topics you could talk about.

But be confident, natural, look into the eyes, smile! You are the Italian Stallion!
As a Mexican, I do that all the time and it works... it doesn't matter which nationality!
Important advice, take a shower on the day you are going to talk to them and use deodorant and shave!!!! because you are must to kiss them to say goodbye!


El Zorro
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
2 Mar 2009 #22
(We) think that Spanish and Italian men (and women) are wonderful but our favorites are ambidextrous Brazilians who are 1/4 Aboriginies, 1/4 Macedonian, 1/4 Inuit and 1/4 Hmong. We 'feel' those are the best people.............
Davey 13 | 388
2 Mar 2009 #23
Poles used to adore all things Italians

Yes I seem to recall a song....'marsz marsz dąbrowski, z ziemi włoskiej do polski'
tornado2007 11 | 2,270
2 Mar 2009 #24
you know it just struck me, i wonder what polish girls think of men with two heads and hhhhmmmm what about guys from the cook islands?? Well girls. lol lol lol lol. I love having a laugh at the expense of fools who write stuff like that, i mean really, 'what do polish girls think of italian and spanish guys' ppppppffffffffff

I wonder what the Polish girls think of the four seasons?? ow yeah and the British weather whilst your at it, asnwers on a postcard.........
Davey 13 | 388
2 Mar 2009 #25
'what do polish girls think of italian and spanish guys' ppppppffffffffff

You know most nationalities do have stereotypes about other nationalities, so it's really not that ridiculous of a question
tornado2007 11 | 2,270
2 Mar 2009 #26
well it is considering most stereotypes are wrong or misguided :) its stupid on top of stupidity :)
Olasz - | 69
2 Mar 2009 #27
Short reaserch among my girl friends...
Italian guys - lazy bastards with huge egos, only egos ;)
Spanish guys - no way to understand them/vain roosters...

My point of view:
Italian guys - after brief "training" on different ways of showing respect to women in Italy and the rest of Europe they are fun to be with.

Spanish guys - as soon as they are done with showing off - simply perfect! I was amazed to see how they manage to be a family guy and macho at the same time. Friendly, fun to be with, know how to talk about feelings, a bit teritorial :) I love Spaniards talking English :)
espana 17 | 950
2 Mar 2009 #28

gracias :)
2 Mar 2009 #29
MarciQM you are half italian and you don't know why polish girls think bad about us sometimes?:-)guess why?:-)I must say that they are also attracted but they usually say that italians are good for "one night" not for something serious...well this is not the true for all italians, but as always there is something true...look at italians' behaviours in Poland and you'll understand
Pomorzanka - | 28
5 Mar 2009 #30
In general polish girls think that spanish or italian guys are:

- handsom, because of their skin, hair (esp. italian guys have some obession about their hair), care about body so also they want women which are beautifully groomed

- very family, there respect family and esp. their moms.
- lovers and love women (I guess this is their national feature) what for polish girls can be terrifying
- temperamental, impetuous, sometimes obscene
- a bit egocentric
- like go outside and make fun as much it is possible
- talkative

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