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Is parity the answer for Polish women?

skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
4 Dec 2011 #241
. You keep looking to the future and that's great but please compensate the wronged. That's what I'm telling you!!

Ok, let's hang white men because many black men were hanged. Oh wait, they killed whites too, not as often but it happened. Compensate, right? How about we scalp the whites because Indians got scalped? Oh wait, they scalped the whites too. What ratio, 1-1? Or dollar figure? $100,000? $1,000,000? or how about three billion dollars to every black person ever born in the US for the next 3,000 years? Or maybe we'll do it in affirmative action years? Three million years from now we might have paid off the debt and the affirmative action will end? Fair?

You're a hypocrite. You want to replace one wrong doing with another wrong and are totally oblivious to how prejudiced you really are. You want the grand-grand-children of former slave owners (or maybe indentured servants themselves?) to be "compensating" grand-grand-children of former slaves (or maybe slave owners themselves? - yes there were black slave owners in America)??? Why don't you go ahead and start saving up money so you can pre-compensate your grand-grand-grand children who might commit a crime in the future? You are as responsible for what they might do in the future as we are for what happened in the past.
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #242
You want to replace one wrong doing with another wrong and are titally oblivious to it.

This is exactly the point I am trying to make.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
4 Dec 2011 #243
It's pointless Grubas - discrimination is wrong but not if it targets males (or whites, etc.)

Delusional sense of justice.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #244
Grubas, then I don't see any efforts to compensate. Look guys, cutting to the chase, were blacks discriminated against or not? SSM, you didn't answer my question about tax. Would you pay a higher rate of tax to educate blacks who lost out to discrimination?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
4 Dec 2011 #245
You are spreading your nonsensical propaganda here. I never caused a black person any harm. I shouldn't have to pay for him/her losing out because I've never seen anyone "lose out." They get free scholarships, waived tuitions, subsidized housing, child health care, preferential admition to high schools, colleges, universities, work places. What fkn planet do you live on? Are you insane? Should I compensate you for what the Vikings did in northern Scotland, Ireland, Holland, etc. too? Are you out of your mind? I think you're just arguing for the same of arguing because those are some of the craziest arguments I've heard so far. I'm just waiting for you to throw in the Jews and a random 9/11 conspiracy and we'll be set.
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #246
Grubas, then I don't see any efforts to compensate.

Compensate?Compensate whom and for what exactly?

Would you pay a higher rate of tax to educate blacks who lost out to discrimination?

Why would he?Will you compensate me because I was born and lived in communism?Afterall it was you Brits who helped Soviets.Should I post my bank account # so you can pay me compensation?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #247
So there was no discrimination against them??

SSM, you were all for educating them but are not prepared to dip into your pocket to do so. That tells me sth! You talk a good game but deliver nothing. Just like world leaders on the ME conflict.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
4 Dec 2011 #248
You never listen, ever. I said don't replace A WRONG with another WRONG. Don't replace one form of DISCRIMINATION with a new form of DISCRIMINATION. You're such a hypocrite. Wow...

What the hell do you know about how I spend my money? I choose which charities my money goes to, no leftist hypocrite will make me pay for crimes I never commited. And don't forget to compensate the Swedes and the Norwegians for the murders the Scottish commited against the Vikings.

Seanus, sometimes you make sense and sometimes, wow...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #249
2 wrongs don't make a right. I said that long ago in the thread (176). However, I also believe in compensation for wrongdoing. Don't you?
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #250
So there was no discrimination against them??

It was or it wasn't it does not matter now.Don't you get?We now know it was wrong,and you want replace one kind of discrimination with the other kind and think that it will even things out?Besides if there is ANY slave still living then YES,he/she should be compensated but why do you want compensate someone who has never been a slave and why would I have to compensate someone who had better start in life being born in a free society than me born in communism?Huh?Explain please!
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
4 Dec 2011 #251
One day your son might be turned down for a job or university education simply because he's your son and not your daughter and you might change your mind? Maybe or maybe not? Who knows...

I have two girls..

The minority quota was low for the year

Sky , Im not disagreeing your point, we are almost on the same page, that can happen both ways
if you think about it.. not because of color but gender, it could have been a male less qualified but hired
because he was male or thats what the guy who was hiring at the time wanted.. not because of quotas.

Thats where I am at.. your solution was a good one, but where are
there jobs where they strictly go by experience?

its rampant now, you have to know someone to even get a job now a days.. its getting worse.. not better
and yes, I have experienced it, I will tell you privately in a message, because I dont want to air my personal
issues , but thats not going to change I did however voice my opinion on it, sometimes what is thought is
the best decisions arent and I felt this needed to be said.

I dont like these changes for the future, I think we are a sinking ship and someone needs to patch the hole
before we hit bottom like the titanic..
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #252
Grubas, if you can prove you have been wronged, shouldn't you be compensated? It matters, grubas. I wasn't talking about slaves but about Afro-Americans who came later. Do you feel that you should be compensated for being forced to live under communism?

SSM, then who will pay for that education and guidance? Anyone can say that it should happen but who should take the step to actually do it? Those who propose it?

Vikings :) :) I like them :)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
4 Dec 2011 #253
Ok, patrycja, aphro and everyone else. I don't agree with you and that's it. We agree on the final goal but not on how to get there. Discrimination is wrong but I understand how you feel.

Seanus - I lost you but I also lost interest in this thread.

Grubas - I just read the other thread where you're calling me hitler. That's right, i disagree witg you so I'm Hitler. Go and **** yourself you dickhead.
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #254
Grubas, if you can prove you have been wronged, shouldn't you be compensated?

Absolutelly.There are courts where wronged person can demand compensation but I am against giving preferential treatment to someone only because of his/her skin color.

Go and **** yourself you dickhead.

Same to you s h i thead.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #255
Yes but because of discrimination, many blacks can't afford protracted court costs/cases. So who is going to pay for their legal aid? In Scotland, we have the SLAB. What do you have?

Grubas, straight questions, YES or NO. Were Afro-Americans discriminated against? Were they sufficiently compensated? This will be closure.
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #256
Grubas, straight questions, YES or NO. Were Afro-Americans discriminated against? Were they sufficiently compensated?

Straight answer,I DON'T CARE.I didn't discriminate against any Afro American and I don't see a reason for them being given preferential treatment at MY expense.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #257
I don't want preferential treatment for anyone either. Put yourself aside and please answer YES/NO to my 2 questions and we'll leave it at that.
grubas 12 | 1,390
4 Dec 2011 #258
Put yourself aside and please answer YES/NO to my 2 questions and we'll leave it at that.

Best answer I can give is I don't know,I never witnessed any discrimination against Afro Americans.If they were they should go to court and demand justice there.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Dec 2011 #259
Fair enough! I can tell you that it did happen and many sources confirm that. Bigots got off with it for too long and surely you can't condone that. That's all!

Now, Polish women :) :)
ZIMMY 6 | 1,602
5 Dec 2011 #260
god only knows what the pump room stands for with you.

It's a restaurant/bar and a fine one at that. You should try googling for answers before putting your foot in your mouth.

Oh, if you really believe your dog has free-will then ask your dog "what is the meaning of life?"

Women are underrepresented not only in professionally choice and desirable positions suchb as executive posts but also amongst ditch-diggers, sewer workers and dustmen. Shouldn't they now be called dustpersons? And shouldn't those disparities also be corrected?

Those who strive to impose government mandated quotas for the 'good professions' always ignore your logical point about all professions. Their reasoning skills have been blunted by current forms of "political correctness". and they can't seem to overcome them. The old expression of "thinking out of the box" is sadly lost on them. Remember the feminist shrill cry, "women can do a job as well as men and better"? If true then it's a mystery why so many are absent from the coal mining, oil-rigging and crane operation industries. so 'unequal' eh?

" Male dominated" seat?

Academic institutions have really done a job on you. Once again, nothing prevents women or men from voting for the candidates of their choice. Indeed, in the U.S. women make up the majority of voters.

You've given me an idea to write a skit for "Second City".
The scenario is this; the cavemen are ready to go out to hunt beasties but some women want equal representation so they get half the men to take care of the babies and half the women to go hunt for meat. Chaos insues as the men wait for the women to put on their make-up and............

Now, the above potential skit is politically incorrect because it has a basis of reality which is not popular with current liberal thought. That's the point, reality scares these people.

how come I have to keep fixing who I am quoting, it keeps bringing the wrong persons name
then I have to edit and go back out.

Maybe you can't multi-task? Maybe you would do better as a long-haul trucker? lol

my main point in the debate is - do not replace discrimination with discrimination.

That's too logical. People caught up with current trends cannot grasp something so simple and true. Additionally, why should an innocent person today pay for past discrimination (if any) of people who are no longer with us? For example, why should a Stash Kowalski be denied a job because LeRoy Johnson's great great grandfather was a slave? That scenario has occurred far too often between 1970 and 2000 and to some extent still does. Many other euro-ethnics have been affected in the same way.

When government thru force institutes quotas, it falsely claims to fight discrimination by discriminating. WTF?

Let's take golf, for example. Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. In my eyes, there is no good reason to debar women from sitting in a clubhouse

Are you aware that in the U.S. there are many women-only organizations while men-only ones are illegal? Currently, there are 74 women-only colleges while men-only ones are prohibited. There are women-only weight loss centers and none for men. There are women-only travel vacations, none for men, etc, etc. These obvious forms of discrimination are overlooked because they are not part of the culturally preferred template.

Many here are still stuck with that template which has become archaic but is unfortunately still used. It's like the one where feminists claim women to be "independent" and "strong". Yet, these same women are still incapable of paying their half for dinner and entertainment. These hypocrisies will become legendary, at least when historians write the history of these 'unequal' times.

Feminist 'political correctness' prefers lies to reality. Our western societies swim in this sort of propaganda which is reminiscent of Sovietism.

Unfortunately, this sort of phony feminist hype is typical and not the exception. Even MSNBC has shown this made-up photo and newspapers have printed it without challenge. Seems like our cookie-cutter liberal journalists believe everything given them. They only become introspective with libertarians and conservatives.

Well, I suppose it's time to be controversial again. While there is overlapping between men and women in many areas of mutual interest, I will say that in general, men want women, and women need men. That largely explains why men look for beauty (and why women doll-up) and why women seek security (financially stable men).
Barney 15 | 1,520
19 Dec 2011 #261
That largely explains why men look for beauty (and why women doll-up) and why women seek security (financially stable men).

Zim you sound like a bad B movie
Gruffi_Gummi - | 106
19 Dec 2011 #262
Parity, just as other implementations of affirmative action, will have the following effect: it will be harder for competent individuals belonging to protected groups to qualify. How so? Because where competence counts, others with subject them to a tougher scrutiny, to verify that they are indeed competent, rather than just piggybacking on AA policies. Where competence does not count so much, they will be crowded out by legions of those, whose competence is defined solely by belonging to protected groups.

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