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Music at Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

gwrobel 10 | 19
27 Jun 2012 #1
During my visit to Czestochowa there were vendors on the grounds outside of the Shrine. Some were playing music. There was being played a tune that was most "touching" since it stirred strong memories from my youth (long ago). On occasion the same hymn is played during the Polish Mass in a Catholic Church here in Dallas Tx.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to identify the name.

Would anyone care to suggest what the likely name of that hymn?
Peter23 - | 4
29 Jun 2012 #2
Hello , it is that hymn ? ->
OP gwrobel 10 | 19
29 Jun 2012 #3
No, but thank you. I continue my search.
sofijufka 2 | 191
29 Jun 2012 #4
może "Salve Regina"?

są jeszcze:

oraz "Z dawna Polski Tyś królową"
OP gwrobel 10 | 19
29 Jun 2012 #5
I have found it!! Thank you for your effort.

What I find most perplexing is that as I barely entered the grounds at Czestochowa there were many vendors--all of whom I ignored. However drifting in the background from one of the vendors was this tune that immediately took hold of me and actually caused me to stop in my steps and tears came to my eyes. I've never, ever been able to understand why.

I have now found the name of the melody to be Barka.....and this simple video once again sweeps me with emotion....................

I must get back to Czestochowa someday and unlock this mystery.


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