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I'm looking for a Polish movie (a young-age girl as the main character)

Lastrigon 1 | 2
28 Oct 2014 #1
Well, here I am because I hope you can help me. I'll try to tell you what I remember about the movie, after that, wait for your positive reply :)

In 2010, I watched the movie on TVP with English subtitles at a summer night.
The main character is a young-age girl. She has short&black hair and white pale skin, and she is thin. She goes an acency to be a advertisement girl, and gives topless poses. Later she goes home and argues loudly with her mother while putting some clothes into a suitcase. She meets a blonde man like a nazi soldier on an old ladder. The actors & actress' wear like 60's fashion, but the screen has HD quality. And there is also somewhere like theatre stage.

Thank you.
Looker - | 1,134
29 Oct 2014 #2
Could use a bit more data. Do you remember something more? A name, date, a little more about the story? So the whole movie revolves around that girl you mentioned?
30 Oct 2014 #3
My wife did the stunts for the classic Polish film Ptaki Ptakom......she was all of the girls who were thrown from the tower and the girl who shoots the German officer at the head of the parade.........I must visit the spot one day, She says she thinks the tower is still there? (Apologies this has nothing to do with your query)
OP Lastrigon 1 | 2
1 Nov 2014 #4
@Looker, first, no i don't remember anything else, four years past,
and yes, the movie rolls around the main character

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