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Living Expenses in Krakow

imad555 - | 1
1 Jan 2016 #31
Merged: Average life expense in Krakow

Hi, I am an IT professional and recently I got an offer from Krakow,Poland and they are offering €2500 /monthly. I am a single right now but I need to know is it enough for me to get settled in Krakow and enjoy life with this amount along with a decent furnished apartment.
terri 1 | 1,665
1 Jan 2016 #32
yes. Except that in Krakow they pay in ZLOTYCH (pln), and you don't say whether it is gross or net....makes a bit of difference.
sharma123 - | 1
24 Jan 2016 #33
Merged: Relocating to krakow


I am from India and relocating to krakow, poland due to an offer from a MNC in krakow. I have often come across certain question with respect to relocation to krakow and if some leads can help me get answered to these questions.

1) I am being paid a gross sal of 11,000 PLN and this sums up to a net of 8400 . We are a couple and will this sal be good in krakow to live a decent life ?

2) we are vegetarian and pursue a normal life ( not frequent night outs ) , so what could be an average monthly expense including all utilities , household on a couple planning rent a one bedroom house ? Also planning to cook at home.

3) How easy is it to communicate in english with people in krakow ? we dont know polish.

4) How are people in krakow and over all poland with respect to helping hand?

Answer to above question will definitely help me avert my apprehensions through different blogs that I made up ..

24 Jan 2016 #34
You can find out much of this information by using the forum's search function.
Have a look at this thread on living expenses to start with :- merged
14 Sep 2016 #35
Merged: Living Costs In Krakow

Hello everyone!!

I want to ask about living costs in krakow! I am thinking about relocation from Greece. I was proposed 3550netto as an accountant. Is this a sufficient amount to live in krakow? I'll need of course to rent an apartment. Thank you in advance.

DominicB - | 2,709
14 Sep 2016 #36
To live, yes. But your lifestyle will be rather basic, money will be tight, and savings will not add up to much. If this an entry level or junior position, it might be worth considering. But if you have any experience, not so much.
jon357 67 | 16,655
15 Sep 2016 #37
accountant. Is this a sufficient amount to live in krakow?

You can live on that, but not a luxury life. Renting a small flat out of the city centre will take about half that salary.
Braveheart16 18 | 280
17 Sep 2016 #38
DominicB............Plus your wife will certainly not be working, and you have to keep her entertained so that she doesn't lose her mind and start hating Poland, and, eventually, you. The life of an Indian wife in Poland can be very lonely, boring and depressing indeed, especially as Indian women do not associate with each other unless they are of approximately the same social standing. Expenses may vary enormously, but count on at least 1000 PLN a month to keep her busy, engaged and happy. Otherwise she will be constantly harping on you to pay for plane tickets to visit family and friends in India

You seem to be making a lot of generalisations about Indian women.....why do you think that 'the life of an Indian women' can be loneliness specifically reserved to 'Indian women'....why also do you think that she would be expecting money in order to 'keep her busy, engaged and happy'...and why would you think she will be 'constantly harping on you to pay for plane tickets'..Money helps of course but you seem to suggest that you know a lot about the OP's wife, what she likes and will dislike and what her plans are likely to be....a little bit presumptuous I feel and the OP really deserves a response to a reasonable question without unfounded opinions and a lack of diversity awareness.
terri 1 | 1,665
17 Sep 2016 #39
The question surely is, what would an Indian (or in fact any other nationality) wife DO when her husband is working.
Poland is a very strange country for non-whites and diversity awareness is something not yet fully discovered or appreciated in Poland. In fact quite the opposite is true.

Today a Japanese woman was attacked and told to 'get back to her country'.
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
17 Sep 2016 #40
I know what I'd do in Poland if my husband was working
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Sep 2016 #41
is loneliness specifically reserved to 'Indian women'

Yes, they are indeed a very special case. They do not associate with any other women except those in their own caste/class/clan, which makes the pool of potential social contacts for them in Poland either very, very small indeed or totally non-existent, considering how few Indian women their are in Poland to start with. As for socializing with Poles or other foreigners, forget about it. That just ain't gonna happen. They never "settle in", just bide their time until their husbands find a better job in a better country.

Money helps of course

No, it doesn't just help, it is essential. No money, and she might as well be in jail, or married to a lighthouse keeper on some remote island of the coast of northern Norway with only awks and puffins for company.

And even money doesn't help much when you don't speak the language. Once was hired to teach English (absolute) to the wife of a stinking rich Swiss bank vice president. The only language she could speak was Swiss German. She couldn't even speak Standard German, and told me that the German women she had met in Wrocław laughed at her or just plain couldn't understand her (I have to admit that her attempts to speak Standard German amused me, as well). We had a great time together, as I showed her the city, but in the end, I was her only social contact, and that was not enough. She went home for Christmas and never came back.

Now multiply her frustration and loneliness by a hundred, and you'll get an idea of what the wife of a poorly paid Indian has to face in Poland.
CarterCabana - | 1
12 Jan 2019 #42
Merged: [h2]Expenses of living in Kraków[/h2]

Hey guys!

2 years ago I was living in Warsaw like 8 months, it was an amazing experience, I enjoyed a lot living here. I was working in the marketing sector, earning smth like 5200zl, it was a good salary for me because I'm young, I don't have a family to take care of... So I just had to paid my kawalerka rent at city center + fees, the rest I used to travel, go out, etc.

I'm thinking about coming back to Poland, once your crazy winter is over 😅 maybe at the end of April/May, but this time I want to live in Krakow. Never been there (I'm ashamed... Don't kill me yet please), but almost every pole that I knew told me that it's the best city in Poland, so I need to check that!

I want to know about the prices, they are more cheap in Krk than in Warsaw, right? What about renting a cozy kawalerka at city center? I don't want nothing too big. In Warsaw I was paying like 2500zl for the studio, and it was quite nice.

What about transportation? It's easy to take public transport at any hour? Taxis/Uber?

And now the most important. In Warsaw I was working in marketing, helping my company with the Spanish market. It was quite a cool job so I'd like something like that. I'd like to work in something related about marketing, but I don't mind to work in other jobs like call centers if they have enough salary (4500zl or smth like that would be Okey there?) just to live alone in a studio not too far away from city center, I don't have much expenses so...

So many thanks for reading all this text, I just wrote a brick 😂

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