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Internet / Telephone provider in Krakow

zoogle 6 | 44
22 Feb 2008 #1
Does anyone have any experience with internet providers in the Krakow area? I will be in the city, not the outskirts. Something at least 2mbit prefferably.
23 Feb 2008 #2
GH Net seem to be pretty ubiqutous. Their network isn't bad but their customer service is poor.
groovyg 3 | 70
6 Mar 2008 #3
ghnet, aster, upc, netia, tele2, noeostrada and there are many more regional ones

depends on your location, most companies only do certain areas

neostrada is everywhere and so is netia with its wimax
OP zoogle 6 | 44
23 Mar 2008 #4
Thanks guys, I'm gonna be right off of "Opolska" by the Post office.
jkn005 1 | 127
23 Mar 2008 #5
Well you can get different services, but TP "neostrada" owns the monopoly on the phone lines and networks in all of Poland. With the exception of GHNet and UPC, the rest have to deal with TP in some shape or form. For example netia has to ask for permission from TP to use their lines, then they can resell the service to you. It can take a minimum of two weeks just to get TP to sign off on that transfer.

TP's customer service is horrible. But when you have a monopoly does it really matter? Netia I hear has better customer service, but you have to deal with TP initially when signing up. Netia handles all that, but you still have to wait for the great people at TP to actually do something.

GHNet and UPC have their own networks I believe, but they don't cover a large area. So if your lucky they might offer a service where you live, but they most likely won't.
Plotin 5 | 25
23 Mar 2008 #6
GH Net seem to be pretty ubiqutous. Their network isn't bad but their customer service is poor.

I have GH Net in the apartment I rent in Krakow at the moment..
For me this is very good.
I have not had any problems with their service..
Just installed wi-fi and needed to change settinging from them.
They fixed it at once..
OP zoogle 6 | 44
26 Mar 2008 #7
Did you have to buy the equipment or is it included in the monthly fee?
groovyg 3 | 70
31 Mar 2008 #8
it's not true that most companies work with tp, actually there are very few of them, e.g. netia and tele2, but netia offers wimax by now

@zoogle - you don't need to buy equipment to use ghnet
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
12 Apr 2008 #9
[Moved from]: What is the best offer in Krakow for Triple play ? Telephone-Internet -TV

hello ,
What is according to your experience , the best company in 2008 to contact in Krakow in order to get a Triple Play offer ( Internet-Telephone -TV) such as UPC or another one.The best package per month ? What is the cost ? Thank you for sharing your tips.
jkn005 1 | 127
13 Apr 2008 #10
TP is the only company I know that actually offers this. UPC is limited on their coverage. So they might not even offer their services in your area.
5 Aug 2009 #11
Hello All,

I am an international executive living in krakow for the last 2 years. Though GH Net does provide stable internet connection (except for rare interruptions) they are very cunning and do cheat a lot, especially if you do not speak polish.

They are madly money minded than service minded. So, if you are expecting good and honest service - STAY AWAY FROM GH NET.

They will do anything to take money from you. Even to the extent that they will not think to cheat you on the contract you sign. They wilfully hide all the clauses in the contract to foreigners and do not bother to explain the contract in English.

Once you have signed the contract, they do not treat you well and grab your money without mercy. In my opinion, GH Net does not grow by good service, but by grabbing money from customers as much as they can.

So, do not take contract with GH Net unless you have no other option – especially if you are an foreigner living in Krakow.
ozdan 8 | 67
14 Nov 2009 #12
This is a pretty old thread but i thought i would revive it and see if anything has changed on the ISP market lately?
I was going to recommend GH to a friend because they offered short contracts and sound like they have a fast turnaround time with setup. However I just read the above disgruntled post and am wondering if others have shared this experience.
frd 7 | 1,399
14 Nov 2009 #13
UPC have added 120Mbit package to their selection. I don't know if it's available in Krakow because I've seen these leaflets in Katowice..
15 Jan 2010 #14
I had TP and switched to Netia and wait for more then 2 month now for my internet.
We called only this week more then 5 times, and they told that everything is arranged but my line is and stays dead, uplink is down, althrough correct parameters.

They told me now on the phone that i need other hardware and cables because Netia uses different then TP and I am asking myself why they did not tell this before and send this to us?

My girlfriend is pissed off because they even can't help her on the phone since days and she should call back everyday "tomorrow" because now they suddenly have a technical problem.

With Neostrada I did not have these ******* problems.
frd 7 | 1,399
15 Jan 2010 #15
I had TP and switched to Netia

The problem with Netia is that it belongs to the same group of quality as TP, prices are a little bit smaller but sometimes it might be hard to arrange anything with them. The reason is because they are leasing the infrastructure and cable from TP SA who is the owner of all cables and infrastructure build during communism. So basically you are getting exactly the same landline quality through the same wires you did earlier.
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Jan 2010 #16
UPC has treated me well. 20/2 package right now... the 120mb fiber to the house isn't much more expensive...might be time for an upgrade.
frd 7 | 1,399
15 Jan 2010 #17
120Mb.. wow.. what do you need this speed for beside pûrn?
groovyg 3 | 70
22 Jan 2010 #19
The reason is because they are leasing the infrastructure and cable from TP SA who is the owner of all cables

i have encountered this before - in general, companies that work via tp might give you a bad technical service, i would guess that maybe tp is giving THEM a bad service so to hurt their business. just a guess.
20 Feb 2010 #20
iam new to krakow and thinking of taking an apt in mogilska , on the main road.
there is no internet there and i have to get a connection.
Would like to know how it works here, what options do i have, any services that
are good and the ones that need to be avoided.

I prefer wireless. but if one can suggest other options as well, if they are good.
I need unlimited access. I dont need a tv or a phone, just internet.

Thanks in advance.
satmanuk - | 14
13 Dec 2011 #21
I ordered Neostrada from Orange over a month ago they told me the telephone line would be fitted within 1 week, and the internet 2 days later.

2 weeks later TP came and fitted the telephone line, 4 weeks later I still have no internet.

There is communal internet in the apartment but its only 2mb/s and shared between 10+ apartments.

Am I within my rights to cancel the contract and switch to UPC for 120mb/s?

Neostrada 20mb or UPC 120mb i was badly advised on what broadband to take and my apartment is on Straszewskiego?

I just tried to order UPC online butUnfortunately, UPC services are not available at the address:
Krakow, Straszewskiego 9!!! so frustrating.. Do I have to stick with neostrada after all and only 20mb?
ptech - | 1
27 Jul 2012 #22
Merged: Internet in Kraków


I already have an apartment in Kraków near the centrum and I will be moving soon. I was wondering about who the best internet service provider would be. It is most important for me to get a fast and reliable connection. I checked out UPC and it seems that they do not service my street. Neostrada and Netia will apparently only reach 10 mb/second. I am able to obtain a LTE connection from, however they do not offer unlimited downloads and I don't like their pricing plan (35 GB during the day and 50 GB at night). If really does reach speeds of 100 mb/second then I think I will overlook the poor pricing plan and go with them. Does anyone have experience with plus? Is it fast? Are there any other internet service providers that you would recommend?

13 Oct 2014 #23
Merged: Krakow Internet provider

Hello! I'm an erasmus with an internet problem in krakow. The apartment owner has a 10mb (sloneczko net? or smth) wich is not enough for the 8 people that leave here and it's extreeeemely slow.

The other day he told me he would change but he doesn't know what to choose (he's a bit old) so he needed some help, but I also can't understand polish. Besides this someone told me there was a great Orange 100mb internet for 69zl month but I can't find it. I wanted to suggest this service to him but I don't know if it is good enough.

Any help? Thanks a lot!

By the way the location is in krk old town near starowislna!
Looker - | 1,096
13 Oct 2014 #24
First - check high speed internet availability in your location -
Do you have landline phone number?
Do you (or a neighbor close by) have any cable tv - which provider?
15 Oct 2014 #25
yeah apparently it's availiable here, up to 80mb of speed. I just wonder if anyone has orange service and will give me a review, or if someone can read polish reviews from this service and tell me something :)

Thanks in advance.
Looker - | 1,096
15 Oct 2014 #26
People complain that it's not 80mb internet, the download speed is much lower. The provider guarantees only bandwidth from 20 up to 80mb. What you get depends also how are you connected, optimal is direct cable connection, if wi-fi it should to be 802.11n type, on the b/g you'll get just 20-25max download. Other factors include the time of day (morning and nights speed may be better) and the device - people criticize Modem VDSL 3764, better is FunBox, but optimal Livebox 3.

Upload speed is more less like advertised - 8mb.
Overall since the price difference is not big (10PLN?) it's worth to have the 80mb rather than 20mb/s, but do not expect huge download speed difference. What I could see from the comments, the max was less than 60mb, but most (among those complainers) get 30mb and lower.
16 Oct 2014 #27
wow, thant kind of sucks :/. I really appreciate that you checked this for me! Thanks a lot :D. I guess I will speak with my owner and see what he thinks.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,674
16 Oct 2014 #28
It seems that UPC have pretty much of a stranglehold in the Trojmiasto. Pretty scummy operators though, and Internetia (Switzerland) treated their customers with some respect and had 24 hour service.

If I could I would **** UPC off in an instant but sometimes it's better the devil you know. They are like the French - they constantly short-change you :(

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