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Our Life impact and expectation in Warsaw During EURO 2012

David_t 2 | 11
6 May 2012 #1
Please share your opinions at here especially those locally from Warsaw :) I am not Polish so I like to know your ideas
wawa_marek 1 | 129
7 May 2012 #2
I will go out for Holiday at the time of UEFA EURO, some of the main streets are already closed because of subway construction and some others will be during matches. It doesn't sound good for people living or working in a city center.
7 May 2012 #3
Honestly, I think Euro 2012 is going to be very benefitial for Poland, assuming everything goes smoothly. A lot of people have low expectations going into Poland for the first time and I think the cheap beer, Polish women and lots of pork products everywhere along with everyone going in with strong currencies will provide a good time.
OP David_t 2 | 11
7 May 2012 #4
hmmmmm. seems good contribution from Poland and Polish people for those foreigners here during EURO 2012
Alligator - | 261
18 May 2012 #5
Maybe finaly some informations and maps in Warsaw for turists that make sense.
Anybody here saw the map of bus routes near the Dworzec Centralny? Unreadable, unimaginably complicated and useless. Should I also add that it's been there for ages.

Football fans will mostly use public transport in Warsaw, so somebody should think about providing simple and useful informations. Little change could bring a lasting positive effect.
Betty - | 5
22 Jun 2012 #6
I am loving the Euros with the foreigners. Beautiful people at beautiful places.

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