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Is Hale Mirowska in Warsaw a large or small market?

blueblackzinc 1 | 3
2 Apr 2016 #1
Hi guys, I've hearing alot about hale mirowska market in Warsaw but when I went in, there's nothing but small shop selling accessory and small supermarket there. I saw on trip advisor that it has big market with multiple small seller. did I entered the wrong building? because the building I went in got a big sign saying hale mirowska at the roof.
kpc21 1 | 763
2 Apr 2016 #2
The interior should look like that: [big image] Hall in Poland

You can see it here: - there are 2 halls and a covered market area between them.

Here on Street View: you can see a lot of small sellers also outside, not to mention this market area between the halls.
jon357 71 | 21,081
2 Apr 2016 #3
@Blueblackzinc, you went to the wrong part. You should enter from al. Jana Pawla II (the main road, not the side street next to the building) and in fact most of the market stalls that you are probably interested in are in the white single story buildings (to the right as you look at the old and new buildings while standing in front, on the pavement of the main road). You should also go into the market hall behind the supermarket, although there isn't that much there nowadays.

It isn't a very big market (Poland doesn't really do big indoor markets) but there's a decent selection of meat, fruit & veg etc. Try Polna Market (small but good) on ul. Polna for more expensive things or one of the large outdoor markets - Wolumen is the biggest, very close to Metro Wawrzysew; there's also Hala Banacha (an outside market) at the junction of ul. Grojecka and ul. Banacha, maybe Bazar Różyckiego on ul. Targowa (traditionally good for cheap clothes) and there might still be something at ul. Bracia Wagów in Ursynów if it hasn't been built on yet.

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