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Examples of popular Polish music?

kaprys 3 | 2,496
16 Nov 2020 #691
I think I like Przyjdź w taką noc the most.
And here is another singer who was on Idol. I forgot about her, just like about Zalewski. I kind of looked through different videos from Idol and remembered her.

I found a song she did with Yugopolis.
Gosia Stępień
delphiandomine 87 | 18,433
16 Nov 2020 #692
That's beautiful, Kaprys. I actually don't know the original - Parni valjak - Vrijeme ljubavi

(if my Croatian holds up here, it translates as "Time of love").
Chemikiem 7 | 2,371
17 Nov 2020 #693
I saw Annuszka and was blown away

I wasn't sure about it when I first heard it, but it's grown on me and I really like it. Haven't heard the Halo cover yet though.

I found a song she did with Yugopolis.

Really lovely song :)
Spike31 2 | 2,041
17 Nov 2020 #694
You have to love the 90s :-)

Sixteen - To takie proste
mafketis 24 | 9,076
17 Nov 2020 #695
You have to love the 90s :-)

They're not the worst decade but I remember that Polish music critics (and often the audience) seemed to hate the idea of melody... anything with a clear and pleasant melody was branded "łatwo wpadające w ucho" as if that were evidence of inferiority...

A (to me) very underrated Polish group of that time was Big Day

W dzień gorącego lata (on a hot summer's day)
Spike31 2 | 2,041
17 Nov 2020 #696
Haha, music (and film) critics are broken inside individuals, unfulfilled artists most of them ;-). I don't take their reviews into account when picking a new album.

To enrage them even more I have to say that I like Stachursky's new album :-D

Stachursky - Zaginaaay
kaprys 3 | 2,496
18 Nov 2020 #697
I actually love listening to Dzień gorącego lata. Such a positive song.

As for other songs about the summer, I remember this video to a song about the summer with lots of people in it but it was filmed while it was raining. Lots of people in the video, lots of colours and kind of 1990s atmosphere. I can't remember the song or the artists, I just remember there was such a video. And now it's gonna bother me. Any ideas what it might be? :)
Spike31 2 | 2,041
22 Nov 2020 #698
BAJM - Jezioro Szczescia KMB remix
kaprys 3 | 2,496
26 Nov 2020 #699
Formacja Niezywych Schabuff 'Lato'
Ironside 49 | 10,800
28 Nov 2020 #700
here, I'm not into that kind of music by it is what it is:
mafketis 24 | 9,076
28 Nov 2020 #701
that kind of music

The fast section of Rap God was inspired by the female rap group JJ Fad and their biggest song 'Supersonic' from 1988 (also sampled in Fergielicious in 2006)

relevatn part starts at 2.34...
Chemikiem 7 | 2,371
12 Jan 2021 #702
I came across this amazing rendition of Tchaikovsky's Sugar Plum Fairy by a Polish couple known as GlassDuo. They play the biggest glass harp in the world which spans 5 octaves. Not sure this is to everyone's taste, but I thought it was brilliant.

About GlassDuo:

Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky - GlassDuo:
delphiandomine 87 | 18,433
12 Jan 2021 #703
Not sure if it's popular, but I loved that!

My recent finding:

Garaż w Leeds - Szept Pamieci

The video is well worth a watch - very low budget, but seems to perfectly sum up the 1980's in Poland.

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