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Examples of popular Polish music?

gumishu 11 | 5,412
11 Aug 2020 #661
Try again mate. : Anna Maria Jopek - Ale jestem
johnny reb 28 | 5,047
11 Aug 2020 #662
Loved all your choices Pam.
All of them were right up my alley.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,333
15 Aug 2020 #663
take a listen to this tune Pam

Very 80s and a strangely addictive song, not sure what it is i like but it has something! I've never heard of them but they are apparently a cover band who did covers of songs by ex-Yugoslav artists. Thanks for posting it!
gumishu 11 | 5,412
15 Aug 2020 #664
Sorry, but your link didn't work.

the tune is probably not available in Wales ;)

ok, j/k heh
Ziemowit 13 | 4,243
26 Aug 2020 #665
Ivan Komarenko - Metrem do nieba. Lots of glimses of the city of Warsaw (and its tube) in this video.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,333
4 Oct 2020 #666
Maleńczuk & Waglewski - Koledzy
KRYWAŃ Szalała szalała

Guzowianki - Czerwone Jagody
kaprys 3 | 2,466
12 Oct 2020 #667
I like folk music but Maleńczuk wins this time :)

Here's a singer I learnt about last weekend only. I need to check her out. There's something different about her.
Sanah, Idź
Chemikiem 6 | 2,333
13 Oct 2020 #668
Sanah, Idź

I really like this, just listened to a couple more of her tracks. This first one was written by her along with a couple of others including Magdalena Wójcik of Goya:

Sanah - Melodia

Sanah - Szampan

I've always liked Goya, although no-one else I know rates them much! Here are a couple of tracks I particularly like:

Goya - W Zasiegu Twego Wzroku

Goya - Posłuchaj
kaprys 3 | 2,466
13 Oct 2020 #669
I listened to some of her songs, like Królowa Dram but didn't come across these two. I really love Melodia. As for Szampan I just realised I had heard the chorus somewhere. I must have known it before.

I have heard of Goya but to be honest I don't think I could recall any of her tracks. These two are really nice.

Now not an original artist but an audition to the Voice of Poland and Nie żałuję, originally performed by Edyta Geppert.

And Jaka róża, taki ciern by Edyta. Geppert.
Lenka 3 | 2,188
13 Oct 2020 #670
The girl is talented but I'm not too fond of her interpretation of the song

Geppert is phenomenal

She is not just a singer, she's an artist
Chemikiem 6 | 2,333
13 Oct 2020 #671
audition to the Voice of Poland and Nie żałuję, originally performed by Edyta Geppert.

She sang it perfectly well and she has a nice voice, but I have heard the original before and I far prefer it by Edyta Geppert. She has an amazing voice and a sort of timeless quality. I loved Jaka róża, taki ciern :)

Mostly I prefer original song versions, but Goya did a decent version of the old Dwa plus Jeden song Chodź Pomaluj Mój Świat:

I don't think I could recall any of her tracks

I would be surprised if you hadn't heard this one before:

Goya - Tylko Mnie Kochaj
kaprys 3 | 2,466
14 Oct 2020 #672
You're right. I do know that song :)
Spike31 3 | 1,905
15 Oct 2020 #673
How about Witcher 3 OST trap remix
kaprys 3 | 2,466
17 Oct 2020 #674
Released just yesterday.
Sanah ' Bujda'
Chemikiem 6 | 2,333
18 Oct 2020 #675
Sanah ' Bujda'

Yep, I like that one :)

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