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Examples of popular Polish music?

Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
23 Jul 2020 #631
Buzu Squat Nasze przebudzenie

I have never heard of them but really liked the song :)

KULT - Lewe lewe loff

Liked this one too!
kaprys 3 | 2,496
23 Jul 2020 #632
Happysad 'Zanim pójdę',

Made popular covered by Czesław śpiewa but this one is a live performance of Happysad.
gumishu 11 | 5,512
23 Jul 2020 #633

Kasia Kowalska - Pieprz i sól
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
23 Jul 2020 #634

Nalepa "To moj Blues" is an absolute classic.


I liked all your posts.


Your Kult link didn't work for me for some reason, but the Kasia Kowalska song was OK, maybe a bit too "poppy" for me.
pawian 176 | 14,299
23 Jul 2020 #635
I liked all your posts.

Hmm, Past Simple tense means you don`t like them anymore. Why???
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
23 Jul 2020 #636
Polish Jazz has always been very good.
But the Communists had a big problem when Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul and Funk became popular in the West.
They knew how much the kids loved this stuff and they desperately tried to keep it Communist..... nothing worse than your youth supporting Western idols.

Hungary and Yugoslavia did OK, they had some good bands.
But Poland struggled.
Their effort to keep the kids "online" was, at the very least, interesting and different.
I wonder if anyone on PF lived through those times and can explain better than me.
In the meantime, this is Henryk Debich with "Badz Wieczorem w discotece".

From 1974, this was Halina Frackowiak with "Ide Dalej".
Is anyone on PF even old enough to remember this?

In the end, Poles did eventually "Get it" of course, and there have been and still are some superb artists and bands out there.
This is Janusz Polawski with "Whiskey Sour".

I will end with this one, which is not really my kind of music, but it shows, beyond doubt how Poland has caught up the west in Popular music.

This is Krystyna Pronko with "Trafic w czas"

I must give a huge thanks to the mods for "tidying" up my posts.
I have to admit that I struggle to keep all my posts in one post.
Cheers guys.Good job..
Also for keeping my embeded posts up.

24 Jul 2020 #637
Thank you for the info! I wonder have Poles done musicals?
kaprys 3 | 2,496
24 Jul 2020 #638
I didn't know that particular song by Frąckowiak but I know the artist.
Your parents, grandparents, TV and now youtube help you get to know old songs.

As for Krystyna Pronko I have two favourites
Psalm stojących w kolejce

Jesteś lekiem na całe zło

I actually didn't know Trafić w czas but it's good.

The most famous one is Metro, I think.
First performed in the 1990s.
Litania by Edyta Górniak

There are more I think plus Polish versions of internationally known musicals.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
24 Jul 2020 #639
I think it was theother that suggested that this thread would not last because of lack of material.
At the time, I agreed with him, Poland's musical output does not compare to that of the USA or UK, but hey, we are still here and still finding stuff to post.


I enjoyed your Frackowiak posts ( Please take note Pawian ;-))
But not really my thing.
And I hate musicals.

Mrozu is more my thing, three from him tonight, this is "Napad", in my opinion the weakest of my three posts tonight but still pretty good and there are lines from the film that made me laugh out loud..."Gdzie ja jestem?".......LOL!!

Mrozu again with "Mgla"....this is very good....

Last one,Mrozu with "Szerokie wody".....this is pure class.....
I messed up on my last post and posted the same video twice......
This is Mrozu with Szerokie Wody.....Mods Help!!!
Can you fix my posts, please........

I Love you PF mods.... :-) you are great at fixing stuff us idiots have messed up.... ;-)
kaprys 3 | 2,496
25 Jul 2020 #640
Mrozu is ok.

But just because I remembered Kamerdyner yesterday -thinking of watching it again soon - Kortez and Stare drzewa.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
25 Jul 2020 #641
I have not seen the film and this song was new to me.
Kortez can do no wrong by me, I love his songs and your post was no exception.
Thank you kaprys.
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
26 Jul 2020 #642
Henryk Debich with "Badz Wieczorem w discotece".

This sounds like it could be from some 60s TV series or something! Made me smile though :)

Psalm stojących w kolejce

I hadn't heard it before but absolutely loved this. The Kortez song is great too, but anything Kortez does is great in my opinion :)

The next two songs I love simply because I think their melodies are quite haunting:

Czerwony tulipan-jedyne co mam

Samotna - Czerwony Tulipan

Next two are by Akurat:

akurat - lubię mówić z tobą

Akurat - Do prostego człowieka
kaprys 3 | 2,496
26 Jul 2020 #643
I don't think I know Czerwony Tulipan yet the first song sounds familiar. I must have heard it before.
Samotna is just beautiful.

Akurat is great and their version of Do prostego człowieka is one of my favourite songs. The pretty much still up to date poem by Julian Tuwim from 1929 and Klaptocz's interpretation is just amazing.

Another poem by Tuwim in Klaptocz's interpretation this time with Buldog -Chrystus miasta

And another one: Do generalow

And one more
Ostry erotyk
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
26 Jul 2020 #644
Superb posts from.both of you, which I will try to follow tomorrow.
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
27 Jul 2020 #645
Samotna is just beautiful.

I've still got the song in my head, very haunting melody.


I liked all three of those :)

Czerwony Tulipan - zatańczymy na moście

Czerwony tulipan Stukot Kół
kaprys 3 | 2,496
28 Jul 2020 #647
These were nice.

Now something that some kind of hum in a sarcastic way when you need to wake up in the morning and you're not happy about it.

I kind of always 'knew' it was that old joyful song but just recently I came across it on YouTube and even though it begins as I expected I got really surprised when another singer joins in at 1:25 or so. It sounds great when that lady sings it.

As a curiosity really. And those hairdos and fashion :) I wonder what people will think of how we dress now in some 45 years :)

Radość o poranku

Apparently someone agrees with me and uploaded just the part of the song when she sings.
Renata Lewandowska in Radość o poranku
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
28 Jul 2020 #648
It sounds great when that lady sings it.

She's got a great voice and she looks like she was really having fun singing it! It's her that makes the song really :)
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
29 Jul 2020 #649
Tadeusz Nalepa - Oni zaraz przyjdą tu

Tadeusz Nalepa - Nocą puka ktoś
kaprys 3 | 2,496
29 Jul 2020 #650
I liked both of these especially the second one.

Now some Kora -it was her death's anniversary yesterday.
Krakowski spleen.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
30 Jul 2020 #651
Apologies if I have posted this before, but hey it's a good tune.....

Power of Trinity with "Chodz zem na"

PF makes it very difficult to remember what you have posted before, so apologies if this is a second post.
This is Raz Dwa Trzy with Lech Janerka performing "Trudno nie wierzyc w nic".
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
31 Jul 2020 #652
@kaprys and Milo, all good tunes, liked them all :)
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
1 Aug 2020 #653
When I was a teenager in England, Speedway was still a huge spectator sport, it had been the biggest but football took over.
I used to go to the old Wembley Stadium to watch The Wembley Lions.
It slowly died in England but survived in eastern europe and scandinavia.
Most major Polish towns still have a speedway stadium.....

Just some random posts....
This is Harlem with "Piata Trzydzieesci

Last one, Blue Machine with "Widze", sorry, I don't have a Polish keyboard. ..... ;-)
kaprys 3 | 2,496
2 Aug 2020 #654
Something that may not be labelled as popular music but here's a video of Warszawskie dzieci sung yesterday during Warszawiacy śpiewają niezakazane piosenki. The sign language interpreter did her best.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
2 Aug 2020 #655
What is forgotten by many is how hard Churchill fought to get Stalin to allow the RAF to land in Russian occupied territory so that they could support the Warsaw uprising, with mainly Polish RAF squadrons.The commander of 303 squadron knew that they could smash the Germans.

What is brushed over is Eisenhowers cowardice.

Basically, Stalin F#c#ed the Poles.... and he knew exactly what he was doing.
If the Polish RAF had been allowed to land on Russian territory they would have destroyed the luftwaffe..and Poland would have been free of Russian domination.And Stalin knew that.

Eisenhowers cowardice compared to Churchill's bravery was disgusting.
kaprys 3 | 2,496
3 Aug 2020 #656
There's actually a great fan made video to 'Uprising' with footages from the Uprising.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
3 Aug 2020 #657

I have seen some.Which one are you refering to?
Chemikiem 7 | 2,396
9 Aug 2020 #658
Albo Inaczej - Kwiat Jabłoni - Miasto słońca

Organek - Głupi ja

Organek - O, matko!

ORGANEK - Mississippi w ogniu
gumishu 11 | 5,512
10 Aug 2020 #659

take a listen to this tune Pam -
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
10 Aug 2020 #660

Loved all your posts Pam, all of them right up my street.


Sorry, but your link didn't work.
Try again mate.

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