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Convincing my Polish Parents to go to Polska!

slavicradio1992 2 | 13
28 Apr 2017 #1
Hey guys! Happy to be here. I need some advice on how to approach this situation.

For starters, I'm an 18 year old first generation Polish girl that will be forever in love with Poland. I've visited so many times, as recently as the summer of 2015. I am here to ask for some advice in asking my parents to allow me to visit my beautiful country this summer. As you all know, Polish parents can be strict and hard to convince. Investing in a 2 month holiday in Poland is kinda big deal. I have so far 744 złoty saved up for spending in Poland ... so now essentially all I need is a ticket. I've been playing my Budka Suflera and Bajm louder than usual ( lol ) and talking about the "glory days" with my parents ... now to pop the question. How do I go about it? I know I can do it, I just find it hard to express my feelings in words.
Atch 17 | 4,046
28 Apr 2017 #2
Hey there Slavic. How's it going? Glad to hear you got your college plans sorted. I presume you'd be staying with Babcia and that your parents wouldn't have to pay for accommodation for you? But can Granny afford to feed you for two months or will she need some contribution from Mama and Tata? Apart from that I'm sorry to say that 744 PLN is not going to be enough to keep you in beer and skittles for two months. Double it and you can enjoy a frugal holiday.

As to how to convince your parents, there's no magic formula for that but I would try something like 'Once I start college, I plan to spend my summers working/interning etc so this is the last chance I'll have to connect with the homeland for a long time. But hey, maybe I can do a bit of networking while I'm there too and make some contacts for my future career and of course as I'm going to study Slavic literature I hope I could gain some advantage for my studies by spending some time in Poland' So a sort of combination of the sentimental and the practical (which in many ways sums up the Polish character I think!). It might be a good idea to check out online some Dom Kultury, centres for Slavic studies etc and see what's going on there this summer so that you could mention them to your parents and give the vibe that you'd be preparing for your degree in some way. In the end it'll boil down to whether your parents trust you to go gallivanting around Europe on your own and whether the budget is there for you to do so. Good luck! Don't forget to let us know what happens. I shall be waiting with the predictably bated breath :D
28 Apr 2017 #3
The best way to convince your parents would be for you to get a job and save at least 3000 PLN (or buy a ticket on your own).
OP slavicradio1992 2 | 13
28 Apr 2017 #4
Cześć ! Yes indeed I am on my way to college. Certainly a very thrilling time in my life, especially since my school has a Polish club! I am also clearly excited to study what I'm passionate about. I might even take advantage of the study abroad program and study in Warszawa in years to come! I'm really surprised to hear from you, Atch! You on these forums often ?

I will be staying with Babcia in Warszawa which means housing+meals are covered, then go to the countryside near Olsztyn where I would also , be covered. The countryside doesn't require money, as they are ridiculously generous. However, Babcia usually takes about 300 PLN to afford a grown woman in her tiny apartment. I'm not sure if we will visit the Baltic Sea , so unfortunately , I think I do need more PLN.

That's a great way to put it to my parents. Tata loves when I mention my studies, and Mama always has a soft spot for "connecting to the homeland". My parents have no problem sending me to Poland. They let me fly alone at the ripe age of 9, and run about the city at 16. The whole problem is me wording all of this into a solid speech. Sitting down and planning this trip is an event in my house. I just don't know how to bring it up, I suppose ..

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