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Closing Polish bank account and transfer money

Sweatpanther 1 | 1
1 Apr 2016 #1
Good afternoon!

I'm an expat living in Wroclaw and soon I'll have to pack my stuff and leave.

Since I'll have some more money transferred into my polish account in the period after my departure I would like to close it and transfer out the money from remote, if possible.

Do you know if this operation is possible? My account is with ING.
It would eventually be possible without any problems to just transfer everything on my second account and leave the polish account like that, with no money into it?

Which practice is the best?

Thank you a lot
kpc21 1 | 763
1 Apr 2016 #2
Go to the bank and just close the account. They will have to give you all your savings in cash.

The best is to have some money on it until the moment of closing it, it will make sure that it really gets closed, that the closing doesn't get blocked by any unpaid fees etc.
OP Sweatpanther 1 | 1
2 Apr 2016 #3
Thanks for the answer kpc21.

The problem is that when the company will transfer in the account my last salary I'll be already abroad, so I thought somehow to let the account open till they transfer the last amount of money and then to close it from remote automatically transferring everything on another account, if this is possible.

I'll go to talk with the bank employees and ask if this operation is possible.

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