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Polish cigarettes healthier than American?

21 Aug 2011 #1
Maybe "healthier" isn't the right word, but are cigarettes in America worse for you than in Poland? More people in Poland smoke, but it seems there are more cigarette related deaths in America. And many of these smokers in Poland are old men in there 70's and 80's, most smokers in America don't even live to be that old. What do you think ?
convex 20 | 3,978
21 Aug 2011 #2
They're definitely not healthier, I'd say that they're probably overall healthier and more active. That might make a difference.
pip 10 | 1,659
21 Aug 2011 #3
no no no no no.
21 Aug 2011 #4
better diet? It's the same in Greece.......wrinkled old geriatrix puffing away like crazy...but still cigs is cigs..
beckski 12 | 1,617
21 Aug 2011 #5
Maybe "healthier" isn't the right word

I've never considered any type of cig to be a healthier substance, in any type of manner.
21 Aug 2011 #6
cigs are horribly unhealthy but it's always difficult to come up with true stats as far as how many died of cigs in one country vs. another, unless of course we look strictly at things like smokers dying of lung cancer or emphysema. a lot of americans are obese and if they die when they're 50 of heart disease or clogged arteries there's no telling whether it was their pack a day habit or their #2 meal at McDonald's a day habit.

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