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Zamaldowanie (registration of residence) not unless the owner come with me to the urząd (registry office)

Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
2 Sep 2016 #1
I went to an urząd to obtain a new zamaldowanie due to a recent change of address. To the surprise of everyone present I was told that it is not possible to get registered in that address without the owner of the flat.

If the lady had read the rent contract then I could say there's an issue with the ownership of the flat but she didn't. ....

I called my landlord then he sent me a url which clearly states that all you need is a rent contract and his signature on the small sheet of paper provided by the urząd.

I still could not believe that this is happening after I have periviously obtained 2 different zamaldowania in the last 2 years.
Cardno85 31 | 976
2 Sep 2016 #2
In all the times I have done it I just needed to have the rental contract and for the dates on that to match up with the dates on my Zameldowanie form. Maybe you were just unlucky to run into someone particularly difficult. If you are not comfortable arguing in Polish (not saying you can't speak Polish, but mine is pretty good but I am not confident enough in my skills to argue) then maybe bring a friend with you that can argue the point with them, perhaps also print off the details from the url so you can show that to them.
terri 1 | 1,664
2 Sep 2016 #3
First rule of thumb: when dealing with any official is to have ALL the necessary paperwork with you. You can then present this to the official.

Second rule: When you are absolutely sure of your facts, ask to speak to someone in authority and present them with the documents.
Third rule: stay at home, get drunk and go tomorrow.
OP Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
2 Sep 2016 #4
I got this sorted. My landlord nearly shook the whole building down :-))). He brought the documents that shows that he owns the flat and all the lady did was to peep on the name of the document and then tell him he could go. He waited outside until the lady had finished then he came back and poured out his anger.

It turned out the lady was partially right. Her superiors explained that if the officer is not satisfied with the rent contract or if someone is still registered in that address then officer has the right to demand for the prove of ownership of the property (not asking the owner to come to the office). She didn't even bat an eye on the rent contract anyway. All she needed was a copy of prove of ownership of the property.

I guess she brought her family squabbles over to work.
BlueSpace 1 | 22
27 May 2018 #5
Hey all
Does the house owner may be revoke permanent residence without the consent of the person who is registered ?
terri 1 | 1,664
29 May 2018 #6
The owner can at any time he chooses and for any reason he chooses revoke the temporary or permanent residence of a person who is registered at the address.
BlueSpace 1 | 22
29 May 2018 #7
Thanks for the answer

I currently live in a different adress than zameldowanie. I have not gone to Municiple and informed where I live in. I and my wife have been living in a different adress for a while than zameldowanie. May I live any problem? BTW I have a tenancy agreement in a place where I currently live in.. Whats pity is that anyone has not informed me till now about the law. Thanks!

Home / Law / Zamaldowanie (registration of residence) not unless the owner come with me to the urząd (registry office)
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