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Where is Warsaw's CBD?

NewbyNew 2 | 7
30 Aug 2012 #1
Hello Lovely Polish people!

I have just arrived in Warsaw yesterday and wondering could anyone tell me where the CBD in Warsaw is? On what streets or what part of town? I am staying in Old Town.

I am also wondering if and where any jazz music clubs might be? I'm over 30 so the pop music / drinking / pub / club scene is not for me but I am interested in getting to know the music and art scene in Warsaw.

If anyone could help me out with this stuff I'd be very grateful!

cms 9 | 1,255
30 Aug 2012 #2
Doesn't have as clearly defined as in American cities but the busiest office place is between rondo onz and the station, about 2 k west of where you are
OP NewbyNew 2 | 7
1 Sep 2012 #3
Thank cms.

Just wondering when you say 'the station' do you mean Centralna?

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