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What can I do with 250000$?

kissandra79 1 | 4
12 Jun 2009 #1
My name is Jay. I will be coming to poland towards the end of the year for a personal visit and while there I want to look at some investment opportunities. I've heard poland is a great place to do business and that apart I like the country and the people.. so I would like to start a business there.

I can afford 250000$. I am open to any kind of investment opportunity as long as there is a good rate of return. I wouldn't mind partnering up with someone on a business venture either. Actually that would be an ideal situation for me as well. Any suggestions are welcome!

thank you
opts 10 | 260
12 Jun 2009 #2
Invest in toilet paper futures.
OP kissandra79 1 | 4
13 Jun 2009 #3
No. Im not interested in Toilet Paper futures, even if you meant that sincerely!
I would be happy to know of any other business proposition!
plk123 8 | 4,150
13 Jun 2009 #4
there are always cabbage futures. :D :D
OP kissandra79 1 | 4
13 Jun 2009 #5
Are you into the business of cabbage futures? Isn't there anything else, other than futures? Well, let me make this clear. Im not interested in any futures business. Period. Im looking for joint business ventures, restaurants, new innovative business ideas or proposals and things like that.
mbiernat 3 | 107
13 Jun 2009 #6
Start your own business. I have many ideas if you are serious.
Daisy 3 | 1,227
13 Jun 2009 #7

Are you Nigerian?
OP kissandra79 1 | 4
14 Jun 2009 #8
Are you Nigerian?

No. I am not nigerian!

Start your own business. I have many ideas if you are serious.

Thanks for the suggestion and yes I am serious. But I am mostly looking for business ventures that have already been established and running for a few years. My contention is that starting a new business from scratch would take some time to stabilise and would take some more time before I see any profitable returns. Ofcourse, that depends on the nature of the business too. But none the less, I am curious.

What did you have in mind?
Qacer 38 | 125
14 Jun 2009 #9
I've got a friend who runs a restaurant right on the beach at Stegna, near Gdansk. He does pretty well in the summer time. But any other time is dead. Still, you might want to look at investing in lodging and food near the beach. Or you can scope out areas near universities and invest in lodging or food there. There are always students looking for board.
OP kissandra79 1 | 4
15 Jun 2009 #10
Thanks for the suggestion but Im not sure I would like to get into the hospitality sector. Im thinking more like businesses that deal with corporate clients as opposed to end users like the common folks
Ziemowit 13 | 3,909
15 Jun 2009 #11
There are always more people with money than people with good ideas about how to make business (Bernie Madoff could not complain that clients didn't come to him, he had to select them instead). The present crisis opens up possibilities for new innovative business ideas - so they say! As a typical financial investor you need someone who has his own precise idea for business, but he has no money to go on with it. I'm not sure if you can find them through this site, but you can always try. I should probably try to look for them in "business-to-business" sites (if there are any Polish ones) or perhaps in the "" site or something of that sort. There are American private equity funds who succesfully operate in Poland or Eastern Europe (I know of one small one which, for example, hires a team of five Polish people who carry their [industry and financial] operations in Poland.

It is interesting that people associate investing only with futures or options these days, not even with somewhat simple, old-fashioned stocks.
22 Jun 2009 #12
Real estate (housing)small blok of units(4-6units)????Good time to buy land is winter and during
winter time make a project,so returning oportunity is 1 year and up to 40%

Region---TRY CITY ( Gdansk,Gdynia ,Sopot)
2 Jul 2009 #13
I've heard poland is a great place to do business

i find that quote quite amusing. imagine having to do a lot of paperwork for everything, then triple it, then you got the paperglut called Poland.

no matter what office you go to for a certain document, you will bring with you the required forms& supporting documents, then just before you are finished, they will inform you that you need to have brought a paper from another office regarding sth else. I speak from experience

from the mouth of my Polish born accountant "you chose the worst country in the EU to start a business"

if going into gastronomy, like me, be prepared to deal with Sanepid :S what a frickin nightmare.

Jay, what is your nationality?That will play a big part in what kind of business you must register. not the kind of business you will provide.Maybe you will be required to have a Polish partner, like myself.
mr cool
3 Jul 2009 #14
Whenever the business started please I need employment.
one love Nigeria one love poland
11 Jul 2009 #15
hi there,

weel if you thinking about something for long term you do business in place like Mazury( kind of lake side). If something for short period of time go for warsaw prop. cause prices go up and bare in minde 2012 is soon.

take care
if want more info just reply
Cardno85 31 | 976
11 Jul 2009 #16
What can I do with 250000$?

I wouldn't say no...
worklink - | 23
15 Jul 2009 #17
oplus100 - | 5
17 Jul 2009 #18
Hi, kissandra79
Well, i have an interesting business may be interesting for you.
It's a restaurant with arabic style and decoration , with full eqiupments and machines an furniture.
Ready to start your business directly.
If you fell interesting , kindly to contact me on my email.
After contact , i will provide for you all necessary photo and documents ,and i'm sure you will like it!
contact only for seriuos people.
prasz - | 5
24 Jul 2009 #19
I can afford 250000$

nice. I doubt it though
24 Jul 2009 #20
Haha...hehehe....oh my. "Contact only for serious people!"...hehehe.....what could possibly go wrong?
dnz 17 | 710
24 Jul 2009 #21
Hookers, coke and champagne, you could live the life for a while for that sort of cash :)
24 Jul 2009 #22
Jay is a hindu. He worked in banking, stopped paying his mortgage, and is taking every penny and sailing ship from the sinking US. Lots of hindu's doing this stunt.

Business with any "Jay" or hindu is iffy business. Jay wants to do business in possibly a restaurant, but goes on to say not in "hospitality", so he's uncertain.

perhaps he's also uncertain of his gender. Kissandra=female Jay=male
szkotja2007 27 | 1,499
25 Jul 2009 #23
While you ponder the above suggestions with what to do with your $1/4mil, it might be worth noting that the banks that were bailed out by the taxpayer in the not too distant past are now posting profits.

FTSE: RBS announces on 7th of Aug.
Buy on Monday 27th July- 42p
Sell on Wednesday 5th Aug - win

IMHO, DYOR etc, etc


Bernie Madoff

ReadySteady 1 | 1
26 Jul 2009 #24
Business venture in Poland?

Warsaw needs a good English bookshop, not a small mom and pop shop, but a whole floor of a department store...or that kind of size...

Why? I remember the British Council when they had a library....the demand for the few English books and DVD's they had was tremendous, now it's closed....

Other EU cities have good English bookshops......Germany has a chain (Hooble Dooble?)

Just my few cents..
szkotja2007 27 | 1,499
5 Aug 2009 #25
Buy on Monday 27th July- 42p
Sell on Wednesday 5th Aug - win

Closed today at 48.7.
So whats 6.7 as a % of 42 and times that by 250,000 ?
panda - | 4
1 Sep 2009 #26
Email me at plboczon@gmail if your still interested in starting a business.

Me and my brother have a great idea with a 100% profit. We calculated that we need 50,000$ to start. but the bigger we go the more money we make. Its a very good plan, so if your interested email me and we can discuss this further. What city are you in? or plan to open the business?
spiritus 68 | 666
2 Sep 2009 #27
It's a pity a serious post can't be met with serious replies.

If you're looking at targeting corporate clients then it sounds like you already have a rough idea what you may like to do.

Otherwise, compare the US and UK markets and see what is missing in Poland......mail order catalogues etc
delphiandomine 83 | 18,122
4 Sep 2009 #28
Funny, the Poznan one is still going strong and isn't looking like closing anytime soon.

Warsaw needs a good English bookshop, not a small mom and pop shop, but a whole floor of a department store...or that kind of size...

Would there really be the demand in Poland for that sort of thing when most people's needs can be met by Empik or likewise?
hakan100 1 | 2
8 Sep 2009 #29
Coffee shop business is very trendy now. May be we can give you our franchise of a well-known global coffee brand. If you are interested, mail to me. hakangurbu@gmail
La Professora
9 Feb 2010 #30
Common folk? Seriously, if you had that money to invest I am sure your writing abilities would demonstrate a stronger grammatical style.

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