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Can I take training in Polish company without work permit?

Mika92 1 | 6
21 Oct 2015 #1
Well, I have applied for a residency permit and its approved but the process will take 2 more months. However, the company accepted me for their empty position but can't sign with me the contract before i have the work permit also they can't wait 2 months more for my hiring. So i was wondering if i can go their for volunteer free training period what ever you call it without signing a contract. so my question is that legally possible ? i mean take non- paid training in Poland without work permit
Atch 20 | 4,164
21 Oct 2015 #2
That's an interesting question Mika. I'm afraid I don't know the answer but I'm interested to know, did the company suggest this to you or is it your own idea? The only problem I can see is for the company, regarding tax issues. If the tax authorities got wind of it, they might not believe that you're working for free and suspect the company of paying you 'under the table' so to speak. That would mean trouble for the company. Perhaps the employer could get round it by giving you an official unpaid internship for that period. That's quite legal and above board but I think you'd need to sign some kind of paperwork to confirm that it's an internship, not an actual job. Then when you get your permit, they could offer you a contract of salaried employment. Someone here more informed than I am might have a better suggestion.
OP Mika92 1 | 6
21 Oct 2015 #3
Well, its my idea not the company's. Also what you are saying about tax issues really makes sense, thats why i would like to know the legal system for training period in Poland. Because you know when i was a student i went for couple of companies for summer training without the need to sign any documents but that was in the UK.
Atch 20 | 4,164
21 Oct 2015 #4
I think Mika that the country you're from has some bearing on it. Why don't you check out with your own authorities what your situation would be? Is there a website or something for your government that might clarify for you?
OP Mika92 1 | 6
21 Oct 2015 #5
No, I don't think my home country has anything to do with it, just its about polish regulations. like if i was at university and i went to get summer training in some company in Poland would i be required to sign any documents or it can be just un-paid training, am just giving an example you know.
Atch 20 | 4,164
21 Oct 2015 #6
I don't think my home country has anything to do with it

'Citizens of Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Republic of Armenia may take up employment without the necessity of obtaining a work permit for a period not exceeding 6 months within 12 subsequent months. '

So home country can have a bearing. Worth checking out anyway. Good luck.
OP Mika92 1 | 6
21 Oct 2015 #7
Thats very interesting, thank you for sharing this information.

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