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Very Strange KCP (Karta Pobytu) case!

Grunwaldzka 1 | 1
22 Dec 2012 #1
Greetings there!

How is everybody?
well, Merry Christmas for all of you as it is the time for that :) it is a nice moment!

Well, straight to the topic , i have been searching a lot in this well respect forum about the forwarding case of KCP !!! my friend is married to a Polish citizen Like me too :) 'we are from Algeria' anyway, everything is nice till he first applied for KCP at the Polish Embassy in Algiers and as it is known after two months his wife was asked to be present for an interview! and then paid the fees, but there was something strange when The Embassy in Algiers REFUSED to call him to take his interview as it is known and (as the wife was informed by the Wojewode) and instead of making the interview and compare both answers as it is explained many times by Konsul herself and Prezez of Wojewode! so the reasons were clearly not convincing! like: 'you met for little time: SIX times for almost two years, and also : He gave her the ring only in second time!!!!

well, i have met such things when i wanted to apply for Shengen Visa, you know? they said: Your wife does not have Permanent residence in Poland or your wife has double residence in EU!!!! i said: which one is the reason? Worker said (at Konsula) said: Sir, why don't you apply for National Visa! hehe Straight away i undrestood! that all this is pretext for refusing the Visa application nothing more! anyway! Going back to my friend's problem!!!

what can he do??? he is going to apply for an appeal and later may be sue the Wilaya (Wojewode) .... I don't know? but can someone help here? Any Ideas! Plus! I am afraid that this will happen to me too! hehehehehhehe

I applied too for KCP! and i think i have to wait as i can count well , little time! so my turn is coming !

NB: Please note that the topic is about a problem; so any other comments that exceed the meaning of help, we would like to avoid them and we are so thankful!

He is married and his wife with him are really in deep confusion!

Also: any Algerians got refused KCP for more suitable and serious issues! not like these?!
Cheers! out!
Tarf DIx!
MoOli 9 | 484
23 Dec 2012 #2
he is going to apply for an appeal and later may be sue the Wilaya (Wojewode) ....

Sue?Really for how much and for what and who all?in that case lot of law suits be filed when many western countries consuls refuse visa.Bro save your friend and your money and try satisfying the consuls requirement legally.You will never get any far with your law suits esp in Poland.APPEAL,yes you can try.Dont forget you apply in the consulate once or many times and that consular interviews maybe 20 people everyday with diff excuses and is better experienced.
OP Grunwaldzka 1 | 1
24 Dec 2012 #3
I think there is a misunderstanding her, It is not an appeal for VISA! well It is an appeal to : KCP negative Decision, so as the law states it, (it is not a law suit) better say: (Lawyer suit) well, the laws state that, the appeal is a right granted to counter-seek more resolutions- so the case here is Not : Visa!

And I think : the verb to SUE is directed here to the Person Responsible for : REFUSING TO CALL an applicant to take an interview; which is : a must do something, so the case as cited before is that the Embassy or Konsula refused to call upon him and that was clearly said by Wilaya (Known for you as Wojewoda) anyway, this is what I tried to say.

So still waiting for appeal results.
I agree with you on something, VISA applications usually tend to be, less worth suing and only in some defined cases the appeal pays off, but FOR KCP which is a RIGHT to any married couple (that FITS the requirements) as we are more than FIT! in any terms you may apply! so the credential that his appeal has got , covers the invalid laws' drawbacks. It is a matter of time.

But thank you for your answer, and please if you know anything new, you can share it with us, we need any new ideas!

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