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residence visa stamp (Asian girl with a Polish husband)

dhennie_jo 4 | 31
22 Feb 2010 #1
This is Aze,
Im an Asian girl who have polish husband, I went back to my country then I applied visa in Bangkok (so I can go back to Poland and reside with my husband) and they gave me category VISA D in my passport which will expired in March 15,2010. But when i came back here in Poland I've got residence card but no PESEL in it. But Ive got my PESEL now.

My question is do I still need to apply for residence visa stamp in my passport (coz it will expire already) even I have residence ID card (without PESEL written in it)? The immigration said its ok even without PESEl written in it.

But the thing is me and my husband are planning to move out in UK, which requiring to have proof of residency here.

Hoping for someone who will reply. Thanks :)
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
22 Feb 2010 #2
If moving to the UK a proof of residency would be your PESEL number, doesn't need to be on your passport as long as you have it.

UK customs are still trying to get me to give them mine, though technically I don't have one;) So it's round in circles for them :)
Olaf 6 | 956
22 Feb 2010 #3
Hi there,

I don't see a problem here. PESEL does not have much to do with residency here. If they require proof of your residency in Poland then you prove it, PESEL is something different (it's personal number). For proving your residency you should provide your residency card and/or 'zameldowanie' - registration of address of stay, which you do separately.

If you need any details you can write to me.
OP dhennie_jo 4 | 31
22 Feb 2010 #4
Thank you for your reply :D
bokayo6258 - | 4
25 Feb 2010 #5
I have a folish boyfriend and Im 4 months pregnant now,The problem is my visa in eurofe was exfired already in almost half year,Please help me some advice ,what is the best thing to do?but this moment we are living together in netherlands not in poland .
wildrover 98 | 4,451
25 Feb 2010 #6
folish boyfriend

The correct spelling is...FOOLISH.. but we know what you mean...
bokayo6258 - | 4
25 Feb 2010 #7
folish boyfriens means man from poland,thanks to reply
wildrover 98 | 4,451
25 Feb 2010 #8
Oh i see.... i thought man from Poland was a Polish man...?
bokayo6258 - | 4
25 Feb 2010 #9
what i mean is polish man sorry to making a wrong spelling by the way i mean is a polish man

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