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Can I reapply for Karta Pobytu while I have another ongoing application?

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30 Sep 2019 #1
Hello guys,

So I applied for Karta Pobytu in person last yead at the end of October and have been waiting since. I got an access to the wnioski website that says the decision should have been made by the end of June but I am still waiting since.

Currently I am doing my masters at a local university and I will graduate in February. If I still do not get my karta pobytu by that time, can I just reapply for the karta pobytu on the basis of finding a job after graduation?

And actually I just got a new job offer for a management role and started working at a local Polish company. I just work part time but the CEO is willing to give me a fulltime job in March next year. How does the sponsorship work? As far as I know I can work in Poland without any work permit if I have a local university degree.
30 Sep 2019 #2
You cannot submit a new application while your previous application is pending. But you can amend the pending one. If you don't get a decision by the time you graduate, you should amend it in one of the two ways:

1) if you are already working, change its ground to "wykonywanie pracy"
2) if you are looking for a job, change its ground to "absolwent polskiej uczelni poszukujÄ…cy pracy"
You can work without work permit, you only need to apply for a residence permit based on 1) or 2).

Home / Law / Can I reapply for Karta Pobytu while I have another ongoing application?
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