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Problem with making an appointment for Polish student VISA

hyderabad53 - | 3    
22 Jun 2018  #31
i'm Providing Poland Student / Work permit visa slots if you want contact me
rg_vivek - | 1    
24 Jun 2018  #32
I am looking for student visa appointment
Contact me 8667289464
25 Jun 2018  #33
I'm trying to book slot Poland WP visa for last 1 month but it always show lack of available date. I tried on every Monday @10 Am . Can you please suggest on how to book slot ?

7 Jul 2018  #34
Hi, I am also trying to get visa dates from poland embassy, pls let me know process.

my email is


9 Jul 2018  #35
Hi I'm trying to book for Poland work visa appointment but unable to do so.
Can anyone please help me with this?

My email id is
Phone no. 9892134562

9 Jul 2018  #36
I am from Ahmedabad. Last 1 months i try to book date , but evrytime choosen date unavailable. Please Poland embassy help me.
mail id :-
9 Jul 2018  #37
I am looking for national visa appointment . please help
Email :
10 Jul 2018  #38
Need help with the poland study visa dates. My course begins in mid september.
Email ID - atrforglory@gmail
11 Jul 2018  #39
Please can you contact me devashish.kaushik@gmail
11 Jul 2018  #40
Need help in getting appointment at Poland Embassy, New Delhi for student visa for course starting in beginning of Sep. Unable to get date on internet.

My email Id - goyalair@gmail
16 Jul 2018  #41
unable to take dates in Mumbai Konsulate, Appoint for Polish student VISA
16 Jul 2018  #42
how to get Poland student VISA date, Mumbai always unavailable.
kingATR - | 3    
16 Jul 2018  #43
I have a query.

There are two ways used in India to get documents apostille.

1) Notary ---> HRD ----> MEA Apostille
2) Notary ----> SDM Attestation (Sub Divisional Magistrate) -----> MEA Apostille

HRD way of Apostille is little more time consuming and I am going for the alternate SDM one. Is it enough for Polish Study Visa or can it cause any problem? There is no particular information available about this in any forum. Can anyone shed some light on this? Cause in both ways the end result is MEA Apostille stamp. Any clarification by anyone applying for student visa or anyone else with information can help me with this. Much appreciated.
16 Jul 2018  #44
There are 2 way for Apostille Process

Process Type A:
Notary + SDM + Apostille: ( Shortcut way...some country does not accept by this way because
Ministry will stamp " MEA accept no responsibility for the above contents " )
Time Duration: 5 Days
Charge: Rs. 4000/-

Process Type B:
Notary + Home Department + Divisional Magistrate + Apostille, New Delhi ( Ministry of External Affairs )
( Valid for all HCCH Member Countries )
Time Duration: 7 Days
Charge: Rs. 6500/-

Required Documents:
Original Degree certificate
Passport front and back side photocopy
kingATR - | 3    
16 Jul 2018  #45
So, My query was whether Polish Consulate is one of those countries that do not accept the shortcut way or are they fine with it? Because Poland student visa process is little lenient compared to few other countries.
16 Jul 2018  #46
Poland is a HCCH Member Countries

So a stamp like "MEA accept no responsibility for the above contents " on the aposstile document will cause, Poland Consulate to reject the document.
kingATR - | 3    
16 Jul 2018  #47
Thanks for the clarification.
TWPOscar 1 | 2    
16 Jul 2018  #48
I have a feeling that most of these are fake. Some have even copied their question from someone else, they didnt even try to adjust anything.
5 hours ago  #49
Hi kevel
I have also got admission in UL
If you got appointment will you please help me how to book ??

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