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Working in EU countries and in UK with Poland's Residence Card (Karta Pobytu)?

Polsyr 6 | 769
12 May 2015 #31
Residency permit: Come to Poland after you get married (and have your marriage registered in Poland) and apply. You will need to be registered as a resident at an address in Poland.

Polish ID card: In your case you will have to wait until you become a Polish citizen - which means you have to live in Poland after you get married for at least 4 years uninterrupted - 2 years to get permanent residence then 2 more years to be eligible to apply for recognition as a citizen.

Working in the UK: If you wife works in the UK, then after you get married you can apply for EEA family permit. You need neither residency permit nor ID from Poland to do that.
Kevon - | 3
12 May 2015 #32
@polsyr thank you for your info, I found it really helpful :) would you be able to tell me how long does it take to get residency Permit and EEA family permit and how to apply for it ? And if you know if I would be still able to work if I get so seeing that my partner don't work but she's studying :) sorry for all those questions
Polsyr 6 | 769
12 May 2015 #33
Residence permit in Poland - used to take 3 months (from day you apply to the day you receive a card). But things may have changed. Concerning how to apply, have a look at this website:

EEA Family Permit: I don't know, but the UK gov has detailed and up to date information here:

You need to ask UK authorities whether you will be allowed to work or not. Don't assume anything.

Finally a piece of advice. If you intend to live in the UK and not in Poland then do NOT apply for a residence permit in Poland, for two reasons:

1. If the reason you are thinking of getting a residence permit in Poland is to facilitate travel to and from Poland (or Schengen zone in general) then you will fulfill the same purpose by getting a Schengen visa. If you are married to a Polish citizen then upon applying you will receive, free of charge, a multiple entry Schengen visa, valid for 2 years and allowing you to stay up to 90 days within a six month period. On the other hand, applying for a residence permit in Poland means you both have to travel to Poland and stay for the duration of application processing, plus you will have to pay for the application and for the residence card.

2. If you get a residence permit in Poland and end up not living in Poland then renewal has the potential to be very problematic (I heard stories...).
Kevon - | 3
12 May 2015 #34
The reason I'm asking all this is that we want to stay and live in England but I can't work in uk without the working visa which is really expensive and it is hard to get it, so my fiancé got told to get married quicker than we planned due to the fact that it might help me to work ever here but I think I will need polish ID card or EEA family permit or residency permit, we are really confused as it is too expensive for us to pay all that money to go through court if it's not sure that I will get working visa :/
Polsyr 6 | 769
12 May 2015 #35
I think I will need polish ID card or EEA family permit or residency permit

No you don't need a Polish ID card.
13 May 2015 #36
hello plz i need answer very soon as possible am from Tunisia and am married since 2012 with Polish women and now we have much problems that we cant live together anymore so for now i have residence card for 2 years and and i have in Poland since 2013 means 2 years living in Poland so my question is what if i will get divorce
13 May 2015 #37
my question is what if i will get divorce

You will lose your exemption from the need to obtain a standard work permit (i.e. it will become very difficult for you to get a job and you will most probably lose your current one) and your next application for a residency permit may very well be rejected due to you not being able to support yourself in Poland and having no links to the country.
20 Jul 2015 #38
I have the temporary residence card. I plan to work in poland. Do i need a work permit? Sorry i have to ask cos i tried asking when i was applying for my visa but the answers were unclear.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
20 Jul 2015 #39
Yes, you do need a work permit (I assume you are not from the EU). A residence card only allows you to stay in Poland. The work permit is to be applied for by your employer and work permit shall be issued only if employer can prove they cannot hire anyone locally.

So you need to find an employer willing to apply for work permit.

What is your nationality and what are your skills and experience?
Jestem tutje
24 Mar 2016 #40
I am married to Polish citizen. i have temporary residence card based on our marriage. we want to go Scotland for visit.
do i need to apply for visa? or i can go on TRP card with my wife.
18 Jul 2016 #41
I am non eu citizen holding karta pobytu. do i need visa to visit greece??
30 Nov 2016 #42
I have poland residency card(karta pobytu). Can i do business in Germany with my father who are a german citizen?
20 Dec 2016 #43
I wonder if anyone can help.
I am born in the uk and live here permanently.
My partner has a tunisian passport but has polish residency and has lived in poland for 5 years.
Will he be able to visit/work/live here with me in the uk.

Thank you
terri 1 | 1,665
20 Dec 2016 #44
Is Tunisia in the EU?
Polish residency allows a person to reside in Poland. Nowhere does it state on the Polish residency that you are allowed to reside in the UK....Or am I missing something?

The best way is for you two to get married.
19 Jan 2017 #45
Hi I am polish girl living in the U.K. For 8 years but only working for The last 4 years
Hoe do I get a residence permit to stay in the U.K.
Atch 16 | 3,416
20 Jan 2017 #46
All the information you need is here in a simple question and answer format:

Basically if you're an EU national and you've lived in the UK for five years you don't need a residence permit, you have an automatic right to permanent residence. There is no requirement to register for documentation to confirm this status.

If you're worried about what will happen after Brexit, according to British government the official position is:

'When we do leave the EU, we fully expect that the legal status of EU nationals living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in EU member states, will be properly protected'.

If you're worried about proving that you came to the UK more than four years ago, I'm sure you'll show up somewhere in the system, long before you started working even if you weren't signing on or claiming benefits of any kind. For example, did you ever go the doctor or dentist? Your patient records would be there, did you have a bank or post office account? Did you even have something like a Tesco or Boots advantage card? Did you attend any classes or courses? I'm sure you have enough evidence to show that you were in the UK long before you started working.

I don't think you have anything to worry about but in any case there's nothing you can do as there's no such thing as a residence permit for an EU national.
20 Jan 2018 #47
I have karta pobytu...
??i can chand in spain residence any option plzzz..
mafketis 29 | 10,321
20 Jan 2018 #48
you need to check with spain, but my guess is no, spanish labor laws are very.... intricate
18 Aug 2018 #49
Can poland perment residence card holder work in another eu country?
28 Jul 2020 #50
Karta pobytu

I am nurse from other country and married in polish Citizen. I am holding now Karta pobytu for 3 years. My question is.. I am allowed to go and work in UK with my husband using my karta?

Thank you
pawian 181 | 17,079
28 Jul 2020 #51
You should do some reading in this thread. The answer is provided in the first five posts here. Especially, check post no 4 by Mr Delph.

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