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Brit to Poland
24 Feb 2016 #1
Dear All,

I applied for some jobs in Poland and I was offered a contract by a company however it then became apparent by the person I was talking to the procedure was unclear. I have read online that you need a PESEL number and in order to get this you need a temporary residence. I'm a British citizen so I believe I have 3 months to sort out all the paperwork. However because of starting work I assume it would mean this would need to be completed before? Therefore my other question is, Are these the necessary steps to follow moving there for work.

1. Arrive in Poland and look for a flat (go to agencies, or perhaps check on Facebook groups, gumtree etc beforehand)
2. Once you have the flat and perhaps already around this, open a bank account.
3. Go to a the local town hall and register living at the address by completing the temporary residence.
4. Maybe this step can be completed with the third, show your contract and also obtain or complete the paperwork to get the PESEL number.
5. Once the temporary residence is sorted and you have your PESEL number, you can begin working?

Or should the companies help with these issues? Do these steps take a long time? Has anybody found any difficulties completing them? Do the people in the offices speak English? or did you have to find a Polish friend/relative etc to help you?

Could you start work without having a flat and without a PESEL staying in a hostel and then you had the 3 months to sort out the rest of this paperwork? or does it have to be done before? Also any advice on if it was fairly straight forward on opening a bank account there would be much appreciated as well. Thank you.
terri 1 | 1,664
24 Feb 2016 #2
As a British citizen (i.e. with a British passport) you have a RIGHT to live and WORK in Poland.
I think that if you want to stay longer than 3 months (in one go) you need to register. In order to register you need a flat and an official paper from the landlord to say that you are staying there. They are reluctant to do this, as this may mean that the city will know that they have a tenant and they may have to pay tax.

Get the job and get them (Human resources) to help you obtaining a PESEL.
You can open a bank account anytime, I have Polish bank accounts (and I am a British subject resident in Britain).
istannbullu34 1 | 105
24 Feb 2016 #3
As far as I know and as it was discussed here, they stopped giving PESEL to foreigners. For tax purposes, you will need NIP number - for this one, you can go with your address registration to the closest tax office and register yourself there, I am not sure but I suppose you can also ask for NIP there. I think this part will be needed to start work- but you can confirm with HR department.

it is better to come here to stay in a hostel and find a place to stay, not good idea to deal with it from UK. As you are EU citizen, I do not think you will have problem to settle here for a few months without residence card and so on.

It can be fun to see that in some foreign offices, most of the people `may not` be able to speak English, but for sure you will find someone who can speak English, especially in big cities.

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