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Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland

Looker - | 1,100
30 Aug 2015 #61
Yes, it allows to stay in Poland permanently. It also gives the right to work (only in Poland). This card is issued for the period of 5 years, then it needs to be replaced. You may travel on this card to the Schengen countries and stay there for up to 3 months without additional permit.
22 Apr 2016 #62
Do the following periods of residence (5 years) will be marked for requirements for permanent residency if the permission to remain was for the purposes of study (that is, I'm were on a student visa)

Kindly answer!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
22 Apr 2016 #63
Each year resident as a student counts for 0.5 years towards permanent residency.
27 Jun 2016 #64
Hi! I just want to ask you a question. If we get TRP for Poland from Nepal after that we gave birth to baby do we get permanent residence card? Is it true or not?
27 Jun 2016 #65
Hi I'm currently a British (EU) national and i am getting married to a Lovely Polish Lady in 2 months here in the UK.

As you know due to the changes being forced in the UK we will no longer be apart of the EU so I'm thinking how do i get a Polish passport too as we was planning to build a home in Poland and it would make it easier to travel through Europe with a polish passport than a British one which mine will be changed too.

PS im Indian too been to Poland many times love the people and the Country :)
1 Jul 2016 #66
what are the chances for permenent Resident after study in poland?Ą
Salma 30
6 Sep 2016 #67
Hello everyone
Please I need your help
I have lived in Poland for the past 12 years and I have had the temporary permit till 2 years ago due to the fact that I was registered as a student. Still not a graduate

I have had a work permit for a year now and my card expires by the end of the month. I am thinking of applying for a permanent stay because I have been proof of taxes. Can you tell me if I have a good chance at getting this?
Emdad - | 1
26 Dec 2016 #69
If i enter from russia without taking visa then how can i get poland resident
21 Jan 2017 #70
How to apply tr card
3 Mar 2017 #71
I want get work visa in poland but i was refuse study visa
13 Mar 2017 #72
hi monitor i am from india and i am suppose to marry girl from poland so how much it will take to get poland permanent residency
30 Mar 2017 #73
Hi im a student in Netherlands. I heard its hard to get permanent residence in netherland. Therefore im shifting to polland. So is it hard to get permanent residence in polland as well? I have my program of 3 years and 1 year postgraduate work visa and then masters. It will make more then 6 years. Will I be able to get permanent residence?
DominicB - | 2,709
30 Mar 2017 #74

Six years as a student counts as only three years for purposes of permanent residency, and so is not enough. Permanent residency is no easier to get in Poland than in the Netherlands. It is quite difficult.
robinsingh - | 1
10 Jun 2017 #75

poland permanent residence permit / citizenship

Hi i am indian citizen my girlfriend from poland we have a baby ,is it possible to apply poland permanent residence permit / citizenship .
10 Jun 2017 #76
Hi, you can find the necessary information on the official website of the Head of The Office for Foreigners (UDSC):

gregy741 4 | 1,204
10 Jun 2017 #77
seems like,you need to be in marriage for 3 years to get residency :
"- pozostaje w uznawanym przez prawo Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej związku małżeńskim z obywatelem polskim przez co najmniej 3 lata przed dniem, w którym złożył wniosek o udzielenie mu zezwolenia na pobyt stały, "
29 Jul 2017 #78
Hi, my husband is Chinese, I have dual nationality Polish and British.Does my husband need to live in Poland for 5 years in order to get permanent residency ?
29 Jul 2017 #79
I am a refugee in germany but i didnt find any hope yet that they let me persue my life here with my family i have a daughter she born in germany 5 months ago so my question if i travel to poland for business point of view does it make sence will i get residency in poland and life will be on track or not ??????
Bieganski 17 | 896
29 Jul 2017 #80

You are clearly not a refugee. You are an economic migrant. Big difference.

If you were truly a refugee fleeing to save your life you would have sought asylum in the first EU country you landed in. You would not be seeking a path to the middle class by looking for residency and business opportunities in Poland.
jon357 67 | 16,655
29 Jul 2017 #81
if i travel to poland for business point of view does it make sence will i get residency in poland and life will be on track or not

If you already have residence in Germany you can travel to Poland for business providing this does not conflict with your residence/visa type - you can check this on the Schegen website.

If you have business interests in Poland, you would normlly be able to apply for residence on those grounds (with the usual caveat about checking the precise Schengen regulations online).
11 Aug 2017 #82
Hi All,

I am a non EU person, arrived to poland 02/2012 for study purpose had a visa for 1 year and i received my first residency card (karta pobytu) in 03/2013 (for 1 or 1,5 year) and in 08/2013 I started working (had only my thesis so finished my studies on 07/2014),since than i am working (08/2013) ofc extended my karta pobytu.

My question is, to be able to apply Permanent residence card, should i be working 5 years or is it enough to be in Poland for 5 years with temporary residence card which would give me rights to apply permanent residence card in 03/2018.

What are the exact criteries for this 5 year rule?
istannbullu34 1 | 104
11 Aug 2017 #83
When you take karta pobytu, if the decision was given based on your studies, they are counted as half in that 5 years. Example, if you took karta pobytu for 3 years as being a student, 1 year and half will be counted, if you took it for 2 years based on the decision of work, it is counted as it is- 2 years. I presume all decisions you got were for studies therefore, you should divide them by two.
28 Oct 2017 #84
Im thinking to do bachelors in poland so if i stay continuously for 4 years so can i claim permanent residentship
Wulkan - | 3,243
28 Oct 2017 #85
With this nickname not very likely.
29 Oct 2017 #86
HI all

I have been residing in Poland since 5 years and married to a Polish citizen. Can I apply for a long term eu residence? BTW I do not ask about polish PR. Should I also proof stable of income ?
29 Oct 2017 #87
A friend of mine said that I can get Polish PR card but I would like to work in Belgium ( Junior IT specialist ) but I have not worked in Poland.
29 Oct 2017 #88
Long term eu residence permit issued by Poland does not give you right to work in Belgium.
6 Apr 2018 #89
how long does it take to receive pr in poland after 5 years of legally continuous please answer
6 Apr 2018 #90
depends how busy is your local urzad wojewodzki, generally speaking from 2-3 months up to one year

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