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Tax treaties between Singapore and Poland

Polska123 1 | 3
7 Jun 2018 #1
Does anyone know the tax treaties between Poland and Singapore. I am a Polish tax resident in a Financial year and may move to Singapore for good in the secnd half of the year. So i wanted to know how would it be with the taxes, would my Singapore Salary be taxed here? Would I have some rebate in Singapore for the taxes as I will be a non resident there?
terri 1 | 1,665
7 Jun 2018 #2
You should sort out your tax affairs in Poland, you will be liable for the tax on your earnings in Poland. You should calculate the taxes, fill out the right tax form and submit it to the tax office. Pay any tax due. If you move to Singapore for good and become a resident there then you pay taxes where you are resident for earnings earned there.
cms neuf - | 1,671
7 Jun 2018 #3
There is a double tax treaty and so you should get a reduction of your final Polish amoint next april when you file your return.

But see an accountant with the specifics of your case

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