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Stay in Poland after Divorce- Yes or No?

local_fela 17 | 172
1 Oct 2012 #1
Hi all.

Been through hard times recently, and I would like to know if ever I divorce my wife, will I still be able to stay in Poland when my Karta Pobytu expires next year? I have been surfing through some websites recently and I could not find anything. I am neither in a situation to afford legal advise.

I do work here and I am able to afford a living. So I am not a lazy man just sitting idle and just drinking. Just to let you know why I want to divorce from my wife, its because I caught her cheating on me. And she had a affair with a man since more than 4 weeks. I do have proof for that. and she even admitted that to me when we had a fight last week.. Today she moved out with her bf..

i'd appreciate your help.

Griff7 2 | 3
1 Oct 2012 #2
Hi Mate,

I stayed and have been here 2 years since we split and went through the divorce etc.

I am glad I did it. It's not easy, and I needed some local friends to help me with both personal stuff, and
also the paperwork side of things. I feel better here being in the minority rather then heading home back
into the rat race. But depends on what you want to do next.
sa11y 5 | 331
1 Oct 2012 #3
Local_Fella, do you and your wife have child together?
If yes, then this is your chance (legally) if you can prove in court that you are "significant element" in your child's life. If not - then you have same chance as anybody else going via career, study etc.
OP local_fela 17 | 172
1 Oct 2012 #4
Griff, thanks mate! I appreciate what you wrote, but for me it concerning visa problem actually.

Sally- fortunately, I don't have a baby with that woman.. But I am just employed full time here, with a 'permanent' contract in an American company, so I cannot study as I do not have time to be honest.

However, is there anyway to be divorced and still stay here?

Because as it turns out, she has been cheating on me and I am not in a situation to stay with a woman who has been cheating on me and will still have sex with her bf. And I think I am forced to use divorce as an option.
sa11y 5 | 331
1 Oct 2012 #5
However, is there anyway to be divorced and still stay here?

I'm not expert on Polish law - but I think it depends on your visa. If your visa is work related, then you should not have issue if you divorce. However, if your visa was given based on marriage with Polish woman, then the fact that you are getting divorced will most likely invalidate visa. You should be given some sort of notice, and even before you could try to change your visa status. If your company is willing to support your application it should be easier.

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