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Start a business in Poland - Tourism office, Arabian restaurant or other services

nader88 1 | -
20 Jun 2018 #1
My name is Nader, and i'm from Jordan i need to start a business in Poland i have friend from Poland and he a citizen and we speak to open something related with :

Tourism office - From Poland to Jordan.
Arabian Restaurant
or international Service company

My question here is how is the economic situation now in Poland and the projects above are useful and if there are tips please answer.

Note... that the Polish citizen will be my partner....
Looker - | 1,054
30 Jun 2018 #2
Poland's economy is quite good and still growing. Year after year people from Poland are travelling more distant places during vacations. But Poles love warm sea. Jordan has very limited access to the Red Sea and it may be a problem. The same with visa.

An Arabian restaurant? Why not - a large city seems to be good location although the competition will be bigger.

International service company - try to find some Jordanian business in Poland, check how they are doing.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,635
30 Jun 2018 #3
Poles don't travel to Jordan. They go to Turkey Egypt and some to Israel. I don't think most poles could even tell you what the capital of Jordan is quite frankly. And there's tons of emea travel agencies already.

Also there's a ton of Turks iraqis etc who already opened kebab stands in malls and around the town. Even small cities have at least 1 restaurant like this. There is an Egyptian/Mediterranean style restaurant called sphinx in wroclaw that's been around for like 20 years that does quite well. Be prepared to spend 30 40k plus zloty a month on rent alone to be anywhere in the market though.

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