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I have a spouse visa to Poland (Schengen), can I travel without my spouse?

drjaylan 1 | -
26 Sep 2019 #1
Hi all,
I want to first thank everyone who will take the time to respond to my concern.
I'm from Tanzania, born and raised in Dubai, currently living in Dubai. My wife is from Poland, we are now married for 6 years, we have 3 children.

We travelled to Poland before with our 2 children under a spouse visa (for me).
I applied for a multiple entry visa about 3 months ago, and i was lucky enough to be issued 1 year multiple entry visa for a total stay of 3 months.

The situation i have now is that, i got invited to give a speech at a conference held in Poland,my wife recently delivered our 3rd child (a baby boy),he is now 2 weeks old.

it's not easy for her to travel with me with this baby boy and the rest of the children being in school.
My question is, will i be allowed entry in Poland with my spouse visa (without my wife accompanying me), if i show them all our documents, such as marriage certificate, my children passports (they all hold Polish passports), explain to them that i was invited for this conference that can be a life-changing for me and that my wife couldn't accompany me due to her recent delivery of the baby.

My father in law said he can pick me up from the airport and i can also explain to them that my inlaws are just waiting outside at the airport to receive me.

Do you think there is a chance i will be allowed entry?
DominicB - | 2,709
27 Sep 2019 #2

No. The whole point of the spouse visa is so that you can be together with your wife. It goes against the purpose of the visa if you will be traveling without her.
PolishGirlThief 5 | 18
27 Sep 2019 #3
Yes you can travel to Poland or any schengen country without your spouse especially if you have returned to your country of origin after your first trip.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
27 Sep 2019 #4
I doubt if there is such thing as "spouse visa" in Polish law.

1 year multiple entry visa

is the thing.

As I understand the law, members of your family cannot enter on that visa without you, but you can enter without them.
27 Sep 2019 #5
No such thing as "spouse visa", but border guard may deny you entry if the purpose of your trip is other than the one you stated when you applied for the visa.

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