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mandylam 1 | -
6 Sep 2010 #1
I bought a new car (2010 model) renault clio in october 2009- does anyone know if there is a time limit on when you can take a new car out of poland? are there any other laws that I should be aware of? it may be worth driving it back to the uk. I was living in Warsaw until recently and had to leave my car behind- long story! Anyway I think it is too much hassle to bring it back to the UK and I would rather sell it in Warsaw. Can anyone recommend a decent garage with a good grasp of English. It is a real bargain for someone as I need to get rid of it- I am goin to india shortly and need this sorting. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

rdhir 6 | 19
24 Apr 2014 #2
Merged: Selling a Poland registered car in Poland - documentation


I am planning to privately sell my Poland registered car in Poland and would like to know what documentation is needed as proof od sale for me and for the buyer to get the car registered in his name.

InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
24 Apr 2014 #3
You need to provide the registration card document or karta pojazdu, annual technical check stamps should be on the reg document. You will also need to complete in duplicate a formal sale agreement called a V10, here's one to download,kupna,sprzedazy,samochodu,12.html

The form includes a declaration that the buyer knows the mechanical state of the car when buying and other things like that. It also shows the price agreed. This document will be inspected later by officials.

You will need to give the new owner the small slip of the insurance document in your name, and then notify the insurance co you have sold the car.

The new owner has to get new car insurance within (I think) 28 days. The new owner should go to their local city vehicle office to register the car in their name using the completed V10, reg document or KP, taking off and presenting the front and rear plates from the car, and then complete a 'Wniosek' form at the city office. A temp reg doc is issued, the permanent one takes a month. The reg fee probably varies but is from 81PLN, plus 2% tax paid when getting the permanent reg doc from either the same office or another office (it varies I think). You get the plates back with the temp reg doc within an hour or so depending on the queue. As seller, you should I think also go to the city office to hand in the sales form and get a receipt for the notification of ownership change (a printed page usually).

You may or may not get an insurance refund for any unused time.

All parties must take suitable ID to the city office - for foreigners they ask for a passport and address registration card.

If a buyer buys a car from a region other than his or her own area of Poland, the registration fee is (I am told) higher, perhaps 100-300 or more.

If buying from abroad, it's even higher than that, perhaps 1000-1500 or more.
rdhir 6 | 19
25 Apr 2014 #4
Thanks! That was really helpful.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
25 Apr 2014 #5
You're welcome, and just in case you don't know what I meant by the 2% tax, it is basically some sort of stamp duty or VAT levied on used cars (and maybe new ones). So, on that V10 you have to write down how much the car was sold for, and then the buyer (not you!) has to pay it when they get their permanent registration document about a month after registering the car and getting the temp one. When registering, at least 81PLN has to be paid by the buyer at the office where they take the plates. The plates then get a new sticker with a serial number and the buyer then puts the plates back on the car. During this time, the buyer should arrange new insurance (of which OC is the cheapest and equivalent to basic Third Party). There are time limits for registration and new insurance, I am not sure about them, but I think regitstration is 14 days and insurance 28 or 30. However, best to check with the official office.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
27 Apr 2014 #6
I am planning to privately sell my Poland registered car in Poland and would like to know what documentation is needed as proof od sale

The most important thing to you is to appear in WydziaƂ Komunikacji with sale agreement Umowa kupna sprzedazy
In case of accident or crime commited after date stated in agreement you are clean.

sale agreement called a V10

InWroclaw V10 it is not document or form name. Just Umowa kupna sprzedazy
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
27 Apr 2014 #7
V10 it is not document or form name

Thanks Peter, I did realise that but "V10" got stuck in my head because in the UK all the vehicle licensing documents begin with "V", indeed the document for car registration and sale is a V5 or more recently V5C. There are lots of them all beginning with V. Here in Polska, things seem very old fashioned. The reg doc at the office looks like any simple laser printed form you might fill in for a day's membership at a UK gym, it doesn't look like the professional documents the UK govt gives people to fill in, it all seems rather quaint, despite the fact that both the look of Poland's offices and internal office work systems and methodology are very much up to date and possibly ahead of Britain's.

a UK V10

As you can see, the UK vehicle licence reg doc is called a V10. Coincidence? ;o)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
27 Apr 2014 #8
As you can see, the UK vehicle licence reg doc is called a V10

Interesting thing proof of car ownership :)

What is that receipt mentioned here? Any standard form which seller has to give to the buyer?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
27 Apr 2014 #9
What is that receipt mentioned here? Any standard form which seller has to give to the buyer?

In the UK, all vehicle and driver licensing is done in Swansea by the often of poor reputation DVLA

When a person buys a secondhand car in the UK, they merely send a small part of the V5C in to 'DVLA Swansea' with their name and address on it. That's it. A new V5 then arrives at the new keeper's address. The keeper is not necessarily the owner, but usually is. An owner should really have a Bill of Sale somewhere to show if necessary but I can't ever recall anyone asking for one. From the moment a person buys a new car, they need to insure it in their own name. That means most buyers should return to collect the car after they have obtained insurance because the seller's insurance no longer covers the car once they sell it and title passes to the new buyer (as soon as the full money is paid to the seller). A seller with an insurance policy allowing any licenced driver to drive the car cannot reassure a buyer that all is OK, because officially the car is no longer his and the policy is void.

But apart from this insurance complication, buying is much easier in the UK and registering the car does not involve changing numberplates unless you want to do so for some reason. You just send in a form and insure the car in your name, job done. :)
Patrick Daniels
15 Jun 2021 #10
Hello I am from Melbourne Australia ..when selling a car does the seller remove the license plates to be reissued to another vehicle they buy or does the buyer inherit the plates Thank you
Looker - | 1,134
15 Jun 2021 #11
In Poland you sell a car with the plates. During the registration the buyer gets a new ones paying a registration fee.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,614
15 Jun 2021 #12
I thought the buyer can keep same plates as one of my Armenian friend always have those77777 0r 111111 paid numbers and he has to give them away with the car every time he changes?
pawian 213 | 22,307
15 Jun 2021 #13
Probably custom plates can be kept.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,614
15 Jun 2021 #14
NO,he has to give them with the car.
jungmee - | 1
7 May 2022 #15

Can I sell a foreign car in Poland?

I will move from Belarus to Warsaw by car. (I'm not Belarusian)
Then I will live for several month in Poland.

<<<My condition >>
1. I will buy a travel car insurance in Belarus for that period.
2. I don't have Poland residence permit.( I will stay with Shengen visa for a few month)
3. I will leave to another country by airplane.

#1. Can I sell the car when I leave Poland?
Is it possible to sell Belarus car here?

#2. if #1 isn't possible, should I regist a car in Poland?

#3. Can I regist a car without residence permit?

Thank you. :)