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Retirement laws in Poland

Prof 2 | 5
8 Nov 2011 #1
Is there any benefit in terms of old pension for Poles who never contributed? Like minimum wage or so?
hythorn 3 | 580
8 Nov 2011 #2
I do not think that there is

I know of one Slovakian lady who married a Polish guy and she never paid in any stamp in Poland
He died and she was left without any pension at all

One of my friends looks after her and will do so until she dies and will receive her flat in return
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
1 Apr 2012 #3
[Moved from]: Poles to work till 67?

How do you assess Tusks' pension reform requiring people to work till 67? What is retirement age in your country?
f stop 25 | 2,513
2 Apr 2012 #4
65 seems to be the norm, although 67 is not unusual.
What I wonder about, is why the retirement age for women is earlier, if they live longer?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Apr 2012 #5
Polish chivalry. Women are still addressed first (Sz. PaƄstwo Maria i Edward Szypulscy) , served first by hosts and waiters, have doors opened for them and walk on the rgiht.
Gaucho 2 | 49
9 Mar 2015 #6
how many years do I have to pay ZUS to eventually see a single dime back? They are taking about 20% of my salary every month and it bleeds the pocket man! Or there's any way to choose to not pay it and not having a retirement plan later on?
UncleGoodAdvice 1 | 28
9 Mar 2015 #7
You will get your pension money when you will be 67
Tlum 11 | 194
11 Mar 2015 #8
I wonder if it's possible to start contributing to ZUS at an older age, let's say, 60 and still get benefits at 67.. probably there are some minimum number of years to pay into the system to get benefits and age alone may not be enough.
Rozamunda - | 3
11 Mar 2015 #9
According to the law, at least for today, there's a miniumum 25 years - for men and 20 for women of paying ZUS. That should be a guarantee to receive the minimum monthly pension (now it's 880,45 PLN after taxes). Except that, being 67 y.o. is another requirement, like somebody already mentioned.

My guess is that you could still start paying at 60 and get benefits when 67, but these benefits could be below the minimum pension.
I suggest you visit your nearest ZUS office to get more details. There's a chance they will not speak English, so hopefully your Polish is quite good.
30 Jul 2015 #10
Merged: How will non Polish persons get back the retirement insurance


I have been offered a job in Poland, I see some part of my salary will be deducted as retirement insurance.
How will the money be paid back when my work permit expires or I relocate back from Poland.
superuser1999 12 | 41
30 Jul 2015 #11
you can probably just claim it when you turn 65 years old, from the polish government.

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