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Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible?

Wroclaw Boy
25 Mar 2014 #61
Where did that figure come from?

Common sense, living in the UK and Poland, having a Polish wife and more insight than the average person based on my experiences. I travel a lot, within the UK and speak to people.

The highest estimate I've come across was a measly 600k to 800k.

Yeah if the true figure was known which ity isnt and it was indeed higher than say 1.5 million. The Brits would be even more furious than they already are over immigration. So as usual government agendas skew and play down the seriousness of issues which will affect them negatively.

how many potential buyers in PL with no real relation to the RHD countries (and those who are not British motoring enthusiasts) will willingly buy into the intrinsic inconvenience & hindered driver vision (hence reduced safety)???

That's going to depend on the prices of these cars and usual.

I mean you could buy a nice good conditioned Ford Escort for about £500 in the UK and sell for 3500 PLN easily in Poland.

I got my FX rates confused on this, i meant to say £500 in the UK and sell for about 6000 PLN in Poland.
g60edition 6 | 175
26 Mar 2014 #62
Cant see what the issue is with RHD cars in Poland.Ive driven plenty of times around Europe and Poland never had issues.Ok hands up Mc D's drive thru is a problem.Why do people have problems over taking?You should always leave a good space so you can get up to speed for the overtake which gives you a good view of the road ahead.

I have two LHD drive car in the UK and its no biggy.I guess if you cant reg a RHD car and the other half wants to move back to PL I would be gutted by having to sell my MK1 Golf
Jardinero 1 | 407
26 Mar 2014 #63
Cant see what the issue is with RHD cars in Poland

As stated numerous times: appalling lack of PL driver discipline leading to still worsened safety conditions on the road.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
29 Apr 2014 #64
Has the law now been changed?

I ask because I have noticed a small but definite increase in the quantity of UK registration plates and right-hand drive cars in Wroc over the past few weeks. Initially I thought it was a fluke, but seems quite a few here. Of course, it could be UK-based Poles back just for Easter and May 1, but it might be the law change and dealers or new buyers.
snaps 4 | 27
18 May 2014 #65
Anybody know if anyone has succeeded in registering a RHD car here yet?
Wroclaw Boy
18 May 2014 #66
Obviously Poles would never dream of just driving UK cars in Poland on UK plates and thus not worry about speed cameras etc....

Theres a gaping loophole there: UK registered, UK insurance, UK MOT = 100% legal in Poland. All you have to do is drive back to the UK once a year for an MOT.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
18 May 2014 #67
No point in doing that for us Brits (or Poles living in Poland) All of the above means that driving back to Blighty every year to fix MOT and road tax is more expensive than buying a car in Germany, for instance.
Wroclaw Boy
18 May 2014 #68
more expensive than buying a car in Germany, for instance.

Perhaps, but there aren't millions of Polish immigrants in Germany.
18 May 2014 #69
it was indeed higher than say 1.5 million.

Additional 2 or 3 million would greatly improve English landscape.
jon357 63 | 15,265
19 May 2014 #70
I very much doubt that. The landscape is nice enough as it is. Mind you, since we all have the right to live wherever we want in the EU, there will be movement in all directions. And the attendant issues of local restrictions on motoring and car registration.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
5 Sep 2014 #71
Can i just say again that it was no problem at all to make my English car legal in Moscow , and here in Bulgaria i drove my English car into the traffic police hq and four hours later drove out with tax , insurance and Bulgarian plates . . .
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
5 Sep 2014 #72
Can i just say again that it was no problem at all to make my English car legal in Moscow

As before - the Poles are operating a protection racket and trying to force the population to buy over priced wrecks masquerading as second hand cars. Registering cars from Britain would allow for a true market to emerge.

The car cottage industry here wouldn't allow for that. It takes over a week goddamnit to register a car from Germany. In fact the only time I bought a car from a salon here I had to wait a week before I could take my new car home, as opposed to America, where you go across the road for a short-order lunch while the dealership does the paperwork.

Polish incompetence or the bureacrats' sense of self-importance is breath-taking.

Hopefully it's coming to an end, but I wouldn't bet on it.
snaps 4 | 27
15 Dec 2014 #73
Seems from 1st of January it may happen.......

Basically, According to this project, from 1st January 2015, RHD car will be allowed for registration.
However lights will need to be changed for original LHD lights (that applies to front lights + rear fog light).
Left mirror must give enough vision (there is diagram in the project) - so f.e. cars with smaller left mirror might need to have this changed.

And speedometer will need to show in km/h (or both mph or km/h).

Project is currently under public consultation, If everything goes well, by 1st January, you'll finally be able to register your car.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
28 May 2015 #74
Some news on this, law coming in next month

a result of the judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU, which at the end of 2013, that Poland is breaking EU law by prohibiting the registration of cars adapted to driving on the left, as in the uk or Ireland. Now the car will be able to register with us after minor alterations. You need to sign up for driving on the right,100896,18001849,Wkrotce_bedziemy_mogli_jezdzic_autami_z_kierownica.html?biznes=local#BoxBizImg
c-max owner
9 Oct 2015 #75
I have just got my RHD car registered in Poland. It is a complicated process involving different government offices. You need to be a Polish resident; you need to have all UK documentation officially translated and presented to Customs, including evidence of ownership. Customs have specified that the car is purely for my personal use and I cannot sell the car for one year. The next step is for a roadworthiness certificate from an official testing station ( to meet their requirements I needed to fit LHD headlights). Next step to the local registration office where I was issued with my registration documentation and plates. I would stress that at each stage there was always a charge, the total amount around 1000zl.

So yes you can register RHD cars in Poland.
Jardinero 1 | 407
10 Oct 2015 #76
And how long did it take? How many hours of your time?
Roger5 1 | 1,458
10 Oct 2015 #77
RHD cars in Poland are a recipe for disaster. It's risky enough overtaking buses, etc. in a normal car. I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but I expect to hear about a lot of accidents.
c-max owner
20 Oct 2015 #78
From the initial enquiry to the registration department on what is required to getting my registration document and plates, 14 days. As to the hours spent I did not have my stop watch with me, but much of the contact was by phone total time maybe 30 mins, visit to customs was 20 mins, vehicle inspection 30 mins and final registration office 45 mins. Getting documents translated was just a matter of dropping them off and later collection in normal course of trip to town. Collating and copying documents at home took no more than 30 mins.
Jardinero 1 | 407
20 Oct 2015 #79
Pretty reasonable then - thanks for sharing, c-max owner.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
20 Oct 2015 #80
RHD cars in Poland are a recipe for disaster.

I don't agree Roger. Nothing could make Poles worse drivers than they already are. Driving a RHS concentrates the mind. Really.
20 Oct 2015 #81
you can get special mirrors to clear up any blind spots
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
21 Oct 2015 #82
Exactly. It was restraint of trade to deny RHS. Like the Polish winter holiday, another ex-communist scheme aimed at protectionism.

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