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Register a vehicle in Poland without paying duties

6 Feb 2017 #1
Based on my research, I need to be an owner of the vehicle for more than 6 month. Do these 6 month have to elapse outside of Poland or it doesn't really matter? I don't think they check your passport(dowod osobisty?) with stamps when you entered to determine the length of ownership abroad?

7 Feb 2017 #2
I am not sure from which country you are moving from.
For Canadians, we have to own the vehicle for 6 months before moving to Poland. As far as I know they check the vehicle registration. After that we have to keep it for at least a year in Poland before selling it (not sure if anyone checks that).
OP digitalcelery
8 Feb 2017 #3
Yes, it's for Canadian as well. The 6 month ownership is where I am bit confused: do you need to own the vehicle for 6 month regardless of the location or it needs to be owned in Canada for 6 month? In other words, would I have any issues If vehicle was purchased 2 month prior to departure of it to Poland and register it in 4 month - hence 6 month of total ownership?

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