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Official statistics sites related to Poland?

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
6 Oct 2012 #1
Hi guys I often hear lots of statistics quoted or read them in books and newspapers. Are there any known statistical sites that you could point me to that have lots of statistics and research on various different topics?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
6 Oct 2012 #2

Both of these are the official ones for the UK and Poland - enjoy! :)

I also enjoy this - - it's the Polish electoral commission site, and you can find out about Polish elections in minute detail. It's what I use when quoting electoral stuff on here - it gives ward-by-ward breakdowns of who voted for what, as well as giving full international results.
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
8 Oct 2012 #3
Thanks for that. You know even when you type in to a search for world statistics you get a lot of hits for US stats. They might there is not much on this planet other than the US, or if there is, it doesn't really count.

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