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New Law Concerning Dual Citizenship in Poland

aggieclint 4 | 9
28 Aug 2012 #1
Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I read this the other day in the news:

"The other day Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski signed a law allowing dual nationality. According to the new legislation, an applicant for a Polish passport need not refuse the previous citizenship, as was required before. Now a voivode (governor of a province in Poland) can grant Polish nationality to a person who has resided in the country no less than three years (according to a permanent residence permit), has regular income, and knows the Polish language."

I am an American and have lived in Poland almost 3 years, and this would be a way better option than going through the Karta Pobytu process again, since I would have citizenship for life. I have searched this forum and have seen nothing about this.

Does anyone know more about this? Or does anyone know of a link online where I can begin this process?


delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Aug 2012 #2
I have searched this forum and have seen nothing about this.

Sorry, you've misread it. You need to be resident in Poland for 3 years once you've been granted permanent residency (karta staƂego pobytu - which you obtain after 5 years of temporary residency) - and you must also satisfy a barrage of requirements, including the need to possess a certificate in Polish proving that you passed one of the State exams.
28 Aug 2012 #3
I am an American and have lived in Poland almost 3 years

You have been here for three years on a permanent residence permit?
OP aggieclint 4 | 9
28 Aug 2012 #4
Okay. So are you saying 5 + 3, so 8 years total? Or 5 including the 3, so 5 years total?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Aug 2012 #5
8 years.

I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I suspect the previous 3 year rule on the basis of marriage will still apply.
OP aggieclint 4 | 9
28 Aug 2012 #6
Hi Harry,

I am in halfway through another 2-year residency permit. So we moved here, got 2 years, and the a year ago we got 2 more years.
24 Jan 2019 #7

Dual citizenship US/Poland questions

I am a US Citizen. Both of my parents are from Warszawa and came to the US in the 1970's. I am in the process of "Confirmation of Polish Citizenship." I haven my appointment set for the middle of February and already have my Polish Birth Certificate. My question is this. By confirming my citizenship of Poland, I will not have any issue with my US citizenship correct? The things I read say applying for a citizenship can be grounds for revocation of your US citizenship. Technically, I have always been a Polish citizen, I just never claimed it before so I am not applying for it.

The reason I really want to become a Polish citizen is that when I retire, I would like to live there in the summers to be closer with my family over there. We visit every other year, but its hard being away from them so much. Let me know your thoughts and anything else I should possibly know before proceeding. Thanks!
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
24 Jan 2019 #8
I am a naturalized American citizen (1974) and a Polish citizen by birth. Have both passports and never had a problem from either side.
24 Jan 2019 #9
I was curious about being born US citizen and then confirming your Polish Citizenship. My parents are naturalized as well around the same time frame as you and have no issue.
lul bul - | 48
24 Jan 2019 #10
I should possibly know before proceeding

24 Jan 2019 #11
That is not true. You do not pay any taxes to Poland unless employed there.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
24 Jan 2019 #12
You do if resident in Poland and have an income from financial activity abroad, stocks shares, inheritance, pension draw down, etc
jon357 71 | 20,031
24 Jan 2019 #13
Pretty well yes. The exact rule refers to the 'centre of vital interests'. This can be interpreted quite loosely; sometimes just having a car registered there is enough. If someone spends half their year in PL there's no issue of interpretation at all; they will have to pay.

Edit: some people avoid this by not entering or leaving Schengen via Polish airports, thereby leaving no proof that you're in PL. I won't comment on the legality or otherwise of doing that.

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