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Leasing a car - is this common in Poland?

mmille24 3 | 6
6 Oct 2012 #1
Is leasing a car common in Poland? Are there any good websites where i can explore my options?

krecik89 3 | 60
22 Aug 2014 #2
Merged: Leasing a foreign origin car in Poland

Has anyone had experience getting a leasing deal with a car registered in Poland but originating from abroad? Leasing companies I speak to won't say yes or no and say it depends on the car details... However they say they prefer cars 1st registered in Poland. I want a leasing deal as it's going through a company and there are good deals from small dealers.
Looker - | 1,134
6 Oct 2015 #3
The leasing market in Poland is constantly growing. The average growth rate is twice higher than the average leasing transactions in Europe. Compared to the last year, leasing cars in Poland increased by over 15%.

Check the current statistics for the 2015 (and comparison with the 2014):

any good websites

Only if you know Polish, for ex. here is a short guide on how to lease an auto in Poland:

For the financing of the leasing company can apply anyone who runs a business, regardless of the type of conducted activity and the industry in which it operates. Of course, the final effect of such deal, however, depends on many factors, so usually for each customer an offer is treated and considered very individually.

The procedure of the leasing agreement for small and medium-sized enterprises is very simple. - The first step you should do is pick a car about to be leased, and after making this choice, we can go to the leasing company, where together with the advisor we discuss detailed terms of the transaction ... - Next the entrepreneur is obliged to provide the required documents, which are kept to a minimum in the case of a simplified procedure, which is used in a less complicated contracts,3839

The principle of VAT deduction according to the latest legislation.,Leasing-samochodu-zasady-odliczania-VAT.html
edwardmulhern 3 | 7
20 Mar 2016 #4
Merged: Car Leasing

Just wondering if anyone out there has some up-to-date info on car leasing (Warsaw) for a self-employed person. I've heard about repayment totals of 103%, 105%, 109% and even yesterday 116%. Any decent leasing company recommendations? Also I'm a little unsure about the insurance aspect, I'm lead to believe that OC & AC would be around 2,000zl annually. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!


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