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Karta Polaka to Poland's Permanent Residence

25 Sep 2020 #1
I am asking this question on behalf of my friend. She have a polish card (Karta Polaka) She intend to stay in Poland and apply for permanent residency. Due to covid and a baby in hand. I like to know the following

1. How long the permanent residency application processing time for applicant using the polish card route? Post covid or during covid
2. Intention to live in Poland ( telephone bills and rental contract is enough)
3. Do you have reputable law firm who can handle this process easily with minimum trips for her to immigration office
pawian 197 | 19,792
27 Sep 2020 #2
The processing time may take even a few months. How many exactly - nobody is able to answer this question.

As for all other doubts concerning the permanent residence, you should check other sources. E.g, this one describes difficulties one can run into while trying to obtain their card
Jatinder_Singh77 - | 3
3 Nov 2020 #3
I can recommend you to go to a reputable Polish company. They are doing such cases professionally. They helped me a lot with my cases and I really appreciate their work, so I'm always trying to support them. I sent to them around 10 of my friends and everyone got positive decision for TRC. I know how difficult it is to find a good, trustworthy consultancy company for foreigners in Poland because I live in Poland for quite a while and was cheated few times. Now I use the services in Poland only if some of my friends can recommend that place. I don't know why but some Polish people trying to cheat foreigners, especially to cheat Indians here. Good luck and God bless you guys.
6 Nov 2020 #4
Ok drop the contact detail and let's see how good are they
perkujki 4 | 26
16 Nov 2020 #5
I am currently waiting for a decision on my application for permanent residence having applied on the basis of a temporary residence card.
Our woj. office is currently only accepting applications by mail, easier for me, no 1.5 hour bus ride and waiting in line.
I would be very wary of paying some unknown firm for help. The instructions are clear, google around for some advice, and cross all of the T's and dot the I's, there is also an e-mail address to send questions to your local office for foreigners, the reply time is about a week.

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