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Joint Bank Account with my wife (PKO BP in Poland)

6 Sep 2013 #1
Hello All

Just a quick question really,

I'm just about to try to open a joint bank account with my wife, I'm English she is Polish

she already as an account with PKO BP, would we have to open a new account, or can I just be added to it, as when in England she was simply added to my existing account, new debit card cheque book job done,

I dare say that of course this being bureaucratic Poland this won't be straight forward anyway and the left hand won't know what the right hand is doing.

Thanks in advance

Just wondering if any one can advise on this because having a bit of trouble with them doing this,

After many visits and them not having a clue really, apparently they will make our savings account a joint account, but they cannot do this with the current account. I do find this a bit laughable because of the several reasons we have been given, first visit it was because my wife has an over draft of 1000Z£ not really a lot, second of all because I don't have an income (basically they said that because only my wife works and is not earning enough to support us I can't be added to the account) although at first apparently I could if this was removed, then thirdly they said I couldn't be added and that was that unless there was a considerable more amount of money going into the account.

Sounds like **** to me but hey I don't know how this works here, I was thinking of swapping banks but My Wife doesn't really want to after all of the hassle we're going through to get this done on the savings account(also because our money is locked in).

I don't know if it's worth mentioning but we do have a quite a lot in the savings account so I don't see what there problem is with there not being a big enough income in the current account.

Any help would be much appreciated as I've hit a brick wall with this and there answer as they basically give it to me is NO and that's that

18 Sep 2013 #2
Sounds like **** to m

Sounds quite straight forward to me, your wife has debt and if you become a joint account holder you are responsible for the debt they are simply looking after your credit rating.

It sounds to me as if you are attempting to use your lump sum as show money and your wife's salary as history for a future mortgage or loan application...

If you have a Polish wife and your British and have a permanent address in Poland, I find it bizarre banks are not bending over backwards to open an account for you.

I don't see what there problem is with there not being a big enough income in the current account.

MarkC the reason is you are trying to get credit/credit cards and your wife has debt. Simple my friend.
OP MarkC
18 Sep 2013 #3
Well it's just confusing because they seem to change what they say each time you speak with them, because I then said ok, and if we remove the overdraft? (which is not even used it's there just in case) they said yes, but then corrected themselves and turned around and said no.

I just get frustrated because you seem to get given the run around, It would be great if they just give me a clear answer on how I can get this resolved.

Maybe I'll wait again till I next go in as we have some details to fill in on making the savings account joint.

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