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Investment advice - my options in Poland?

delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
10 Aug 2012 #31
one-year lock up rate is 3.9%.


Could be a sign that they aren't really interested in PLN deposits...
pawian 202 | 21,176
10 Aug 2012 #32
4.2 is much closer to Pwian's 3.5 than yours 6%.You also need to take into account 19% CGT.

Of course, I mentioned the average rate for typical deposit, like 20.000-50000 PLN

I got offered 6.2%.

Possible, if the amount exceeds 100.000 PLN.

one-year lock up rate is 3.9%. That's...well...rubbish. Could be a sign that they aren't really interested in PLN deposits...

Not so bad, after all. I put some money onto one year lock in PKO BP and got 5%. If I put more, I could get 5.5%.

However, adding inflation and Belka tax deductions, you are actually in the red after one year when dealing with banks.
10 Aug 2012 #33
That 3.9% from Citibank was for amounts over 10,000; for amounts under that (but over 500zl) it's 3.8%.
MoOli 9 | 480
11 Aug 2012 #34
Zinc buy yourself a piece of property with that as a down payment and stop paying attention to this dumb watermelon headed nincompoops!

I always fancied buying a load of Maluchs

I have one legally with american plates in usa and drive it(took it as an antique over 25 yrs old its 1976.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
25 Sep 2012 #35
Merged: PAIiIZ seeks to attract investors to eastern Poland

The Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment (PAIZ) will spend 86 million zlotys up until 2015 to encourage investment in eastern Poland - said President Slawomir Majman of the Agency. The campaign's phrase, "Why don't you invested in eastern Poland."

The head of PAIiIZ announced at a conference of international media a campaign for encouraging business to start in eastern Poland. The new campaign is directed primarily to management. It is to increase the inflow of foreign direct investment to the region, as well as domestic companies interested in investing in Poland and Eastern Europe. Originators share count on stimulating exports of products and services and the development of business tourism.

The advertising campaign will be conducted in Poland and in the European Union, as well as in the United States, Russia, China, Korea, India and the Gulf countries. The eastern Polish strategic sectors were: food, wood and furniture, yacht, aviation, chemical, machinery, renewable energy and tourism business. Ads will appear on tv channels such the CNN network.

Promotion of the eastern regions is carried out by PAIiIZ two years as part of a program to encourage investment in Poland. At that time, it held 81 shares publicity, mainly through participation in trade fairs and missions away.

"As a result, since 2009 were brought 21 new investors to the eastern part of Poland creating 3,500 new jobs" - said Majman. Citing UN figures, the head of PAIiIZ recalled that in 2011, Poland has achieved a growth of foreign investment by 67 percent., While the European average of 17 percent.

Director of the department of regional development PAIiIZ Agnieszka Wojnarowska said that was observed as a result of a slight increase in the number of people who see the eastern Poland as an attractive place to do business.

Developers starting an advertising campaign asking potential investor through his child, father in law and psychoanalyst one question: "Why don't you invested in eastern Poland." "The question posed in this way leaves a good tone, it's not too late, you can still do it," - said the author of the strategy, Jacek Sadowski from Agency Demo Effective Launching, who won the competition.

  • gross domestic product in Zloty
Fadi - | 2
25 Dec 2015 #36
Merged: Opening new coffee shop in Wroclaw

I would like to invest in a new coffee shop in Wroclaw , do you have any idea can help me in this issue
Wulkan - | 3,243
25 Dec 2015 #37
I see you speak Polish so if you have capital and the right skills you shouldn't have problems with your business.
Fadi - | 2
25 Dec 2015 #38
How much do you think that I need a capital for such investment, I'm looking for a shop in a good location not in a mall

I would like to meet with someone can run such a business & be the manager of this new coffee shop, preferable who has experience in this field
18 Dec 2017 #39

What are the EURO currency investment options in Poland?

Are there any investments opportunities in Euro? Bank Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds etc?
polishinvestor 1 | 362
18 Dec 2017 #40
There are some investments priced in euros but if you want to invest only euros it begs the question why limit yourself to Poland and not the Eurozone, where your options will be much greater and more liquid. If you mean you want to make an investment in Poland, betting on growth in Poland, but want it priced in euros, again you are limiting yourself. The best thing to do would be to find an investment in Poland that suits you, which will be in zloty. You can then hedge the currency risk by using a currency option if you wish. The EURPLN rate is pretty stable so you can buy 1 year options which you can renew each year for low premiums. Alternatively you can invest in a currency hedged Polish investment fund.
Buggsy 8 | 98
31 Dec 2017 #41
Polishinvestor check your PM...
8 Apr 2018 #42

Small-Scale Investment in Poland?

I'm trying to get my head around on what kind of small investment i could do in Poland. Im thinking about investing in a dzialka(plot) but im not sure if ill get a yield after couple of years or investing in Real Estate in general as I can only invest 90-100K PLN. The other thing i'm interested in is the Restaurant Business or like a Greek/ Mexican Tortilla shop with little seating capacity and mostly takeaway or how about the ice cream business in the summer time?

This is something i wish to open in Bialystok or the proximity of this area. I've been thinking about all of this for a while so i just want to watch my step

Any suggestions will be appreciated?
Thank You
cms neuf - | 2,110
8 Apr 2018 #43
Honest opinion - for that money buy some kind of truck, a bunch of gardening tools, learn something about gardens or driveways or decking and do that. There is more and more demand for this, less and less people on the market, and if it does not work out you can easily sell the truck on the tools and try something else.

All The other businesses that you have suggested have high fixed costs, quite high competition, a lot of tax and regulation, and very seasonal..
TheWizard - | 236
8 Apr 2018 #44
That's not a bad idea but with snow and stuff we could not even see a garden for months. I mean you wouldn't go outside to sit on decking for half a year unless you were siberian or something.
8 Apr 2018 #45
@Classy Sassy
It is really over saturated in Bialystok and I'm not sure about the sales I'll have in a month
8 Apr 2018 #46
@cms neuf
I'm not sure about landscaping and especially in Bialystok. I do know that in Sweden and Norway they earn heck a lot in this business. All I'm looking for is a stable regular inflow of income every month
cms neuf - | 2,110
8 Apr 2018 #47
I'm not talking about landscaping - just basic stuff like clearing weeds, building decking, making a plot clear for a garden etc. Whenever I want that kind of service it takes a week to find anyone and another 2 weeks for them to arrive. Home ownership is increasing and many Poles are having gardens for the first time.

If I want a kebab or an ice cream or a coffee shop I can think of at least 10 options for each within 20 minutes drive. So you would need to give a reason to visit your place and not the others.

Gardening is just an example - there are probably many other manual trades which are in high demand right now. As I said all you really need is a second hand Navarra and a few tools and a laptop and phone plus a few workers. Fitting out a food place will cost you at least 1000 zloty per sqm and probably more if you do it properly.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
9 Apr 2018 #48
All I'm looking for is a stable regular inflow of income every month

You certainly won't get that in the food industry in Poland, and 90/100k in property won't give you much of a return.
9 Apr 2018 #49
Ok, so real estate and restaurant are off the list. Any other proposals?
polishinvestor 1 | 362
10 Apr 2018 #50
Not much you can do with a ton without getting your hands dirty with a day job, certainly if someone is looking for a living wage from it. But looking at it realistically, there are a few blue chip Polish companies you can invest in which provide a good yield sometimes. You can be looking at yields of up to 7% and a healthy return of capital if your horizon is 5 years or more. There really isn't much else you can do if you want to stay relatively liquid. If however you have a skill associated with construction, light building work, utilities or decoration, there is plenty of work for good tradesmen going in the big cities.

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