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Importing a car to Poland... from Mexico?

woodlife 1 | 1
2 Sep 2010 #1
The last few weeks I've been reading dozens of threads here and I must say that there's a lot of valuable information in this forum, congratulations to the community!!

Anyway, the reason I'm starting this new thread is that I will be moving to Poland in a few months and will stay there for 3 years at least and I will have to travel in between cities quite often so there's no doubt for me that I will definitely need a car.

I have been looking in allegro for cars and found some attractive offers but for what some polish friends have told me, usually people get ripped off or at least they don't get what was announced and later find out that they must carry some expensive reparations out.

I have a car in Mexico which I have owned for about 3 years and it's a very nice car, never had a problem with it and it has always been serviced in the appropiate way at the appropiate time.... I also check it every 6 months for polluting emissions and I must say that it's very clean. this is a car I trust.

So, I was just wondering (after getting the idea in an old thread) about the wacky idea of taking my car with me from mexico, and just for the sake of knowing (and convincing myself) of how bad this idea is, I ask here about it, even knowing since the very beginning that it could be way more expensive than just buying a 2nd hand car in Poland.

In case I managed to import the car, through which kind of paperwork would I have to go? could I drive around with my mexican plates? (that would be just great). what about insurance? I've heard it's quite expensive.... and last, but not least, do you have any idea of shipping costs? maybe someone who has imported a car from the USA could tell something about it... I know the costs would not be the same for Mexico but that would give me an estimate.

Well, thanks a lot in advance for your comments on this hypothetical wacky idea.

Nah, just realized it's just plain stupid to even think about that... it would be really expensive and it would also be a pain in the *** to go through all the taxes/paperwork/etc....

I'll just sell my car here before departing and buy one when I get there. Oh, It was nice to imagine myself on my trusted car driving in polish roads though.
jamesams1357 - | 35
2 Sep 2010 #2
its going to look odd drive a cadillac ,chevrolet on a polish road
Nacjonalista 4 | 96
25 May 2013 #3
How do you know it's a Chevy or Cattaract? Mexico has many European style cars meaning small and fuel efficient. They even have Spanish Seats there unlike in US.
jon357 71 | 20,799
25 May 2013 #4
Pop over the state line to Germany, Belgium, France and buy one from a used car dealership. Not unusual in PL.

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